Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Abroad.

Me in Bergamo

Over the last few months, there have been a number of unexpected trips that have taken place, and I’m looking forward to going someplace I’ve been meaning to go for as long as I can remember in the next few weeks. My last trip abroad was about a year ago, so my travel finesse has gotten a little rusty since then.

While planning my next trip, some important items came to my mind that I seem to have forgotten. I wrote down my Top 15 Questions right away when I started planning for my next vacation abroad.

  1. Will there be a language barrier?
  2. Is early check-in possible?
  3. How far is the main attraction from my accommodation?
  4. Is taxi or Uber available?
  5. Are there any public holidays happening during the days I plan to visit?
  6. Where are the nearest public restrooms?
  7. Where is the nearest airport?
  8. Are there cheaper airports to fly into? Is it worth it?
  9. Is the place safe for solo travelers?
  10. Things to do besides the obvious? What about when it rains?
  11. What time are the regular business hours of operation in this city?
  12. Do I need a visa?
  13. What are the must see places or attractions?
  14. Do I need a voltage converter?
  15. What’s the currency difference?

A Personal Defining Moments

France Selfie

As 2017 is coming to an end, I reflected on my year and honestly, I am glad to be moving on. I realized nothing will ever beat my 2016 when I lived abroad. It taught me everything that I know I will never learn if I never took that leap. If circumstances allow it and I was given the chance to move abroad again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go. Continue reading “A Personal Defining Moments”

Milan Apartments – Part 3

I’m moving again. Yes, believe it. Saying I have the worst of luck with accommodation in Milan is an understatement. In contrary, there are upsides to the apartment I’m currently staying in. For one it is better than the previous one in terms of the building condition, it has a balcony with a view, it’s in a fairly good location and it contains everything I need (stove, bathroom, room & utilities included with the rent).

The issue at hand is the fact that my new roommate is an early riser and I mean he wakes up at 3am to go to work. Why he mentioned this the day before I moved in is beyond me. I assumed I could get through it because I thought, hey, I only have a few months left here. I could save money and it’s still within walking distance to my work. I was dead wrong! Continue reading “Milan Apartments – Part 3”

Milan Apartments – Part 2

I moved. The apartment I’ve been living in for a year in Milan was something I found on the internet through a housing agency while I was still in L.A. They were one of the few agencies that offered housing online and I didn’t have much choice because I needed a place before I came to Milan. Now, I would say that if I could bypass going through a housing agency in Milan, I would.  Continue reading “Milan Apartments – Part 2”

Beating the Heat in Europe

Coming from Los Angeles, you’d think I’m used to the heat in Europe. I was dead wrong. The heat here is as brutal as it is in the valley of So. Cal. You see, I’ve always been near the beach or close enough to get some sort of ocean breeze. If that wasn’t enough, my a/c in the car spoiled me rotten. Overall, I’ve always managed to avoid being in the heat. Continue reading “Beating the Heat in Europe”