Beauty, Technology and Home Shops in Milan.

We all know that living in a new country is difficult enough as it is but, it ain’t all that bad once you get accustomed to your new lifestyle. One of my favorite parts of living abroad was discovering local shops that I grew to love. Here is a short list:

Beauty Products:

  • ParaShop Italia S.R.L. – A specialty shop that sells name brand beauty products. You can find anything from shampoos, conditioners, face wash, make-ups and travel size products. When I found this store, I was happy to find that they carried Embryolisse. Although, they didn’t sell all of the products that you can only find in Paris, I was content with the makeup remover they sold.
    Address: Via Orefici, 2 20123
  • Lillamoi – Similar to CVS in America. This is an affordable international drugstore where you will find products like Nivea, Cover Girl, etc.
    Address: Viale Cassala, 22 MI 20143
    Tip: sign up for their membership card for free and get discounts.

Technology Products:

  • Unieuro (at La Rinascente near Duomo) – When I first arrived in Milan, I came here to buy a usb cord. The gentleman who helped me spoke English which was important. Moreover, he was very informative and helpful in answering all of my questions. You will find anything here relating to phone covers, usb, chargers, etc.

Home Goods:

  • Paradiso Delle Sorprese Madal Bal S.R.L. – cute knick knacks for your home like woven baskets, artsy magnets, funny notepads etc.
    Address: Corso di Porta Ticinese, 62 | Phone: 028357187
  • Co.Import Idee Dal Mondo (near Duomo)  I fell in love with this store. They sell similar home goods as Anthropologie except the prices are more affordable.
    Address: Kilo Fascion Diamo Peso alla Moda

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