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Fall Getaway in the East Coast.

A trip to the east coast is a rare case for me. Usually, I’m passing through on a layover, however, this time I’ve made it a point to explore a bit more of the east coast (specifically Maryland and Virginia).

Guide to Milan Metro Cards.

A metro card is a card that you use to tap up on a monthly basis that can be used anytime and any day that the transportation is in service within Milan.  

Kauai Napali Coast

Kauai, Hawaii Guide

I’ve been to other islands in Hawaii, but nothing beats Kauai. From all Hawaiian islands, it is by far my favorite due to its lushness, remoteness, and beauty.


Things to Know Before Visiting the Pyramids of the Sun.

Within an hour of Mexico City, you can visit the Pyramids of the Sun, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site was home to at least 25,000 people in pre-Columbian Mexico, and much of it remains unknown. I was intrigued.