Surviving the Heatwave: 4 Tips for Staying Cool in Europe

Coming from Los Angeles, you’d think I’m used to the heat in Europe. I was dead wrong. The heat here is as brutal as it is in the valley of So. Cal. You see, I’ve always been near the beach or close enough to get some sort of ocean breeze. If that wasn’t enough, my a/c in the car spoiled me rotten. Overall, I’ve always managed to avoid being in the heat.

On the other hand, being in Europe it’s different. I don’t own a car and I walk everyday and every minute of my time that the heat is unavoidable.  I’m starting to understand why a lot of places are deserted in Europe in August because people run away to the coastal region or anywhere near the water. Smart. I would too.

After coming back from my recent trips, here are my 5 suggestions that helped me beat the heat.

  1. Water – obvi. This is a no brainer. Being near a body of water is the best way to cool off. You can’t go wrong with that idea. Go to your local beach, lake, pool, etc. You get my drift here.

Also, never forget to hydrate! Bring a bottle of water with you. Anywhere I travel to, I usually make a trip to the grocery store and buy a big bottle of water and a little one. The big one stays in my hotel room or airbnb and the little one comes along with me wherever I go. I never realized how much water I drink until I go through all of my bottles in one day. It goes to show how dehydrated my body is until I finish all of my water in a day. 

IMG_0221-2These guys had the right idea.

2.  Wear a hat. When I went to Croatia, it was the first time I brought a hat on a trip and I was very happy with that decision. I wore it almost everyday and it definitely helped me get thru areas where we didn’t get any shades i.e. the promenade, pier, etc.


3. Clothing – Now I understand why some women walk around with nothing but a bathing suit. I don’t blame them. Besides getting a tan, it’s just too hot to have anything attaching to your skin. Ew. You will sweat and you will hate it. Although, no matter how hot it is my mantra is always to keep it classy. My go to style are cover-ups, dresses, loose tops & gaucho pants which are easy to wear and are fashionable. 

IMG_9253 (1)

4. Find a shade – For any reason you can’t go to anywhere near the water, go under a shade. I’m like a lizard, whether I’m sightseeing or walking around, I manage to find shades or simply take a break and have a gelato or get cold drinks (i.e. water, shakes, etc.). Trust me, being away from the sun even if it’s a few minutes does wonders to your mood.croatia_split25. Pick your time wisely – The sun is the hottest around 2pm. If you have any plans in visiting sights that are indoors, this is probably a good time to do so.

Depending on where I am traveling to, I use my morning time outdoors (i.e. the beach, walking around, etc.) and my afternoons spent indoors (i.e. museums, castles, etc.)


Most of all, have fun!

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