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Experience a Harrowing Immigration Encounter: A Personal Horror Story

With Trump’s executive order in barring certain countries from coming in to U.S.A. I thought this post was quite fitting for today. How many of you have gone through immigration and have been questioned or stopped? Me (raising my hand).My story goes back a few years ago when I was dating a British man from London. As I was entering the UK to visit my British boyfriend, I was subjected to intense questioning by immigration officials. They grilled me about the details of our relationship and even brought in a second officer at one point. After what felt like an eternity, they finally allowed me to enter the country with a 6-8 month entry stamp. However, on my return trip a couple of years later, things took a turn for the worse. When coming back from a weekend in Paris, the immigration officer at the counter didn’t believe my story and refused to let me enter. It wasn’t until I showed her my return ticket and mentioned my job that I was finally allowed in, but that was the end of my travels to the UK. With Trump’s recent executive order, I can only imagine the difficulties people are facing during the immigration process. Stay strong and keep positive.


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