Brussels Archetecture

Thoughts on Brussels

Is there anyone who wasn’t effected by the Brussels tragedy? Since the event, I’ve received concerned messages from my family and friends in U.S.

As a regular traveller, I guess I can’t blame them. It was nearly only two months ago that I took a flight and flew in that same airport. Some would say that is luck but, for me I think of it simply as it just wasn’t my time. I’m not going to lie and say that this tragedy doesn’t worry me or that my safety may be a concern, it does (to some degree).

Yesterday, during rush hour I sat in the metro on the way to meet my friend. The train was crowded at its usual state and my mind wondered off worrying about what could happen. What if the tragedy in Brussels happened here? Yes, I am worried. Then, I realized it’s pointless to constantly fear about what could happen, really. I decided that I could sit there, live in fear, stop traveling and stay at home or go on with my life the way I’ve been living. As I watch the latest news about the catastrophe in Brussels unfold, I’d like to send my prayers to those families and friends of the victims from the attack. As for me, I’m flying out in the few days to Greece and I will continue to travel just as I have been doing.

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