Leaving Pastorelli Behind: Moving to a New Apartment in Milan (Part 2)

Saying goodbye to my old apartment in Milan was a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, I was excited to move on to a new place and start a new chapter in my life. But on the other hand, I knew that leaving behind my cozy little home wasn’t going to be easy.

I had been living in the same apartment for over a year, and it had become a sort of second home to me. It was close to my school, had all the amenities I needed, and was in a great location. But as much as I loved my apartment, there were a few things that made me ready to move on.

For one, the housing agency that managed the apartment was a bit of a nightmare to deal with. Anytime I needed something fixed or had a question, it took forever to get a response. And when it came time to move out, the agency made things even more difficult by changing my checkout time at the last minute.

Left Image: This is how it was advertised when I saw the apartment. It had clear and professional images.
Right Image: This is what it looked like in real life. It was completely a different room compare to how it was advertised. Where’s that orange wall? The flooring are in wood not tiles. lol

But despite all of that, I’m grateful for the time I spent in my old apartment. It was a great place to live, and I’m excited to see what the future holds in my new home.

Starting a New Chapter in Milan: My Experience Moving into a New Apartment

The first day I arrived in my apartment I was curious. This was the first time I’ve ever confirmed on an apartment without seeing it first and basically base everything off of images.


First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Milan: My Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Welcome to Milan! The city has been a whirlwind of excitement since I arrived, with so much to see and do. I’ve been busy setting up my new apartment and getting settled in, but it’s all been worth it. I’m loving my new home and can’t wait to explore everything this amazing city has to offer.

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