Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore

Mama Mia! It was the first thing we saw upon entering the city center of Riomaggiore. It sounds and it was clichè but, we so went for it.  V & I stood in the long line and ordered the mix calamari option. Delish! We were hungry and had seconds. I will never forget feeling full yet, content at the same time. 
riommagiorre-8572.jpgriommagiorre-8571.jpgriommagiorre-8535.jpgAside from the calamari, Riomaggiore is downright cool.  It’s got neat rock formations, views to die for and beautiful spots to oogle. V & I damn right took several photos.riommagiorre-8548.jpgThis was my favorite area in Riomaggiore. The water looked inviting and people were relaxing all around the bend.riommagiorre-8549.jpgriommagiorre-8554.jpgI mean……look at that view!riommagiorre-8556.jpgriommagiorre-8557.jpgThose colors!riommagiorre-8560.jpgThis was the opposite side of the water front where the flag is situated. You have to walk through the neighborhood to get to this spot. Once you walk down to this area, it’s quite steep and a bit dangerous if you aren’t careful but, the view of the village from here is unique.riommagiorre-8563.jpgriommagiorre-8578.jpgThe city center is a walk uphill. Be prepared to work out those glutes. riommagiorre-8580.jpgKeep walking up. If I can do it, so can you 🙂riommagiorre-8582.jpgriommagiorre-8589.jpgriommagiorre-8590.jpgriommagiorre-8594Keep going….riommagiorre-8595From here, you get a nice overview of the village.riommagiorre-8598Don’t forget to look through the shops. There are some interesting jewelries and knick knacks to see and buy.

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