Desenzano Del Garda, Italy

Italy is full of surprises. Even though most people flock to the most popular destinations in Italy such as Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast or Tuscany (and people should see them) sometimes we forget there are other towns that are worth visiting. One of those towns is Desenzano. Located in the Lombardy region, Desenzano is about an hour and a half train ride from Milan. V & I arrived and found Desenzano very charming with its open air cafe’s, gelateria shops to die for and a lake that was worth swimming in. We were definitely not disappointed.desenzado-9074.jpgdesenzado-9071.jpgdesenzado-9080.jpgdesenzado-9106.jpgdesenzado-9111.jpgBy midday, we saw a mini show in the middle of the square. desenzado-9053.jpgdesenzado-9045.jpgV & I got hungry and had panini’s at Bosio Restaurant. I was content.desenzado-9086.jpgdesenzado-9059.jpgdesenzado-9061.jpgdesenzado-9063.jpgdesenzado-9119.jpgWe made it up to the castle to see one of their top attraction. desenzado-9121.jpgdesenzado-9056.jpgdesenzado-9090.jpgSome random exhibition. It would’ve been nice to see the interior 😉desenzado-9098.jpgFinally, we cooled off and had beers at the beach.

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