Cinque Terre: Vernazza Diary

I remembered the day I stepped out of the train very clearly. I walked through the city center of Vernazza feeling relaxed. Right around a corner was a port. I could hear water splashing in the background as I tip toed my way, slowly getting closer to the sound. While walking, I looked around me and I saw these colorful buildings painted in red and yellow with green contrasting doors. They stood bright against a huge mountain that curved around supporting this magnificent view of the cove. I was mesmerized. The cove was beautiful in its own right. My jaw dropped and it made me put my camera down to take it all in.

We walked along the cove where people were sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying this view. It felt as if summer was already here.vernazza-8377
Holding up my strawberry with stracciatella gelato that ultimately sealed the deal.

Everyone has their own preference of which island they like. To us, our favorite was Vernazza which is why we came back on our last day. Vernazza was compact, it offered everything we needed and wanted. Ultimately, it did not disappoint us

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