A Guide to Obtaining Your Declaration of Value Before Departure

The Dichiarazione Di Valore, or Declaration of Value, is a document issued by the Italian Consulate or Embassy of the country where you received your degree. It attests that your degree is of equal value to an Italian BA, which is a first level degree corresponding to 3 years of study.

To obtain the Dichiarazione Di Valore, you will need to provide the consulate with a copy of your original degree certificate and transcripts, translated into Italian and authenticated by the Consulate. Additionally, you will also need an apostille for your documents obtained by the Secretary of State of the State where your school is located. Other items include a self-addressed and stamped envelope to return the documents and a notarized signature of the Registrar. Having the Dichiarazione Di Valore eases the recognition of your studies, international mobility and extends your stay in Italy.

What you need

  • Copy (or duplicate) of Diploma and Transcripts declared authentic by your University’s Registrar. PLEASE NOTE: The Registrar’s signature MUST be notarized.
  • Apostille for the above obtained by the Secretary of State of the State in which the School is located.
  • Italian translation of Diploma and Transcripts.
  • Self addressed, self stamped envelope  – to return documents.


  • ­ It allows the recognition of the studies at insert your school here in Italy and abroad under the ECTS credits system.
  • ­ It eases the international mobility of students (internship abroad, for instance).
  • ­ It allows an easy extension of your stay in Italy after the Master’s while searching for a job or other professional opportunity.

Los Angeles Regional Office
300 South Spring Street, Room 12513, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 897-3062


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