Learning Italian

Italian Book

My goal lately has been to learn how to speak Italian. Based on the few words I’ve seen, it seems like the Italian language is a mix of French and Spanish. Let me share some words I’ve learned so far.

Piacere – please to meet you
Facile – easy
Tutto bene? – everything all right?
La signorina- miss/lady
Qui – over here
Posso – Can I?
Puoi – Can you?
Va bene – is that ok?
Devo – I must
Do – I give
Vorrei – I would like
Vado – I go
C’è – There is
C’è del caffè? – Is there any coffee?
C’è del vino? – Is there any wine?
Che cos’è? – what is it?
Sembra più piccolo – It seems smaller
Lo scontrino – receipt
Io compro – I buy
Io so – I know
No lo so – I don’t know
Lo sai – Do you know?
Costa – it costs
Quant’è – How much is it?
Questo – this
Molto – very
Ecco – here you are
Lentamente – slowly
è molto caro – it is very expensive
è più economico – it is cheaper
è possibile – it is possible
è grande – it is big
è piccolo – it is small
piccolo – small
Avete del vino? – Do you have any wine?
Troppo – too much

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