Italian Book

Learn Italian Basics and Beyond: Master Common Words and Phrases for Fluency

Learning a new language can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Italian, in particular, is known for its rich history and culture, as well as its beautiful and melodic sound. It is true that Italian shares some similarities with both French and Spanish, as it is a Romance language, meaning it evolved from the Latin spoken by the Roman Empire. However, it also has its own unique features and quirks that make it a fascinating language to learn. Here are a few examples of words you’ve learned so far in Italian and their meanings:

Piacere – please to meet you
Facile – easy
Tutto bene? – everything all right?
La signorina- miss/lady
Qui – over here
Posso – Can I?
Puoi – Can you?
Va bene – is that ok?
Devo – I must
Do – I give
Vorrei – I would like
Vado – I go
C’è – There is
C’è del caffè? – Is there any coffee?
C’è del vino? – Is there any wine?
Che cos’è? – what is it?
Sembra più piccolo – It seems smaller
Lo scontrino – receipt
Io compro – I buy
Io so – I know
No lo so – I don’t know
Lo sai – Do you know?
Costa – it costs
Quant’è – How much is it?
Questo – this
Molto – very
Ecco – here you are
Lentamente – slowly
è molto caro – it is very expensive
è più economico – it is cheaper
è possibile – it is possible
è grande – it is big
è piccolo – it is small
piccolo – small
Avete del vino? – Do you have any wine?
Troppo – too much

As you continue your journey of learning Italian, you’ll discover more and more words, grammar and idioms. And with practice, you’ll be able to understand, speak and appreciate this beautiful language.


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