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Things to See and Do in San Jose Del Cabo

If you enjoy small town life, colorful streets, and local markets, this quaint town is the place for you. 

Downtown San Jose Del Cabo

You’ll find that there are more restaurants and stores opening up in downtown San Jose than ever before. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or restaurant dining, there’s something for everyone. See my Gallery District post here.

Art Walk on Thursdays

Taking part in art walks is a great way to meet locals and other tourists. The town comes to life with several arts on display. It is also a great way to learn more about what San Jose Del Cabo offers. I can really get lost in the colorful streets, which are so bright and cheerful.

TheGalleryDistrict | astintabroad

Mercado Orgánico

Through dirt paths behind the city center, you’ll find a market with artisans, veggies, and food stalls. Enjoy eating pizza while listening to the band play on the benches. See my blog on Mercado Organico here.

Hit the beach

In general, you probably came to Cabo for the beach. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean means you can access plenty of beaches.

Acre restaurant

Dine at restaurants

Some of my favorite restaurants are located in San Jose Del Cabo. It is quite intriguing to see more opening up all over town every year over the years. Almost anything is available here, including tacos, sushi, sandwiches, acai bowls, and steaks. See my blog on Places to eat in San Jose Del Cabo here.


Shopping is a delight in San Jose Del Cabo. There is no better place to find one-of-a-kind silver rings than Rogelio. I’ve been going to his store for years because of his style and eye for bohemian designs and it’s the only place I’ve liked.

Watch the sunsets

Sunsets here are surreal. They come in perfect shades of pink, purple, and blue.

Go Golfing

Baja California has no shortage of golf courses. Choose a golf course that meets your needs and budget, and you’ll have a memorable day playing golf.

viva_restaurant | astintabroad

Other Places to See Nearby

Cabo San Lucas is known for its striking rock formations. It is one of the most photogenic spots.

About 1 hr. drive from San Jose Del Cabo city center

La Paz: The waterfront and beaches in La Paz are world-class. The city is located at the southern end of the long peninsula, on the coast of the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortez.

About 2.5 hr. drive from San Jose Del Cabo city center

Todos Santos: The slow pace of life, the variety of galleries, and the stunning beaches make Todos Santos an exciting place to visit. Many artists call it home, and surfers looking for smooth waves and sunny days visit it frequently.

About 1 hr and 20 min. drive from San Jose Del Cabo city center

Acre restaurant

Places to Eat in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

What’s on the Menu?


The East Escape

I’m writing to you from our porch within steps from the ocean. Looking up, the water is inviting and appearing to be magnetic trying to draw me in. Ah, the East Escape is a paradise to me.


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