Celebrating Mom’s Birthday at Blue Fish.

On my mom’s birthday we had lunch at Blue Fish Restaurant, a place known for sea food and oh so delicious meals!

I ordered fish and shrimp tacos today, a plate that I often go to every time I come down to San Jose Del Cabo. I don’t know what it is but, I think the tacos here are so much better than in California. Could it be the combination of the fresh food or the way the food is cooked? One thing for sure is that I can’t seem to get enough of it. We ended our meal with a cheesecake dessert that were equally shared among the 3 of us. We were full and very satisfied.

After lunch, we walked around downtown San Jose where I made a quick stop at Rogelio Sanchez jewelry store. Rogelio, the owner and designer has the eye for intricate details and knows his silver rings inside and out. I’ve bought most of my rings from him and I always seem to come back every time I’m in town. Today was no different, I came home with 2 new rings and that I happily am glad to add to my collection.

The Club Fundadores in Los Cabos.

The rain followed me in Cabo because it poured the whole day. It’s a good thing that there’s a fitness center in Los Cabos that comes with a membership for those who live in the area, since I could run there for a quick gym session. 

The gym itself is a decent size and has treadmills, stair-masters, weights, and more. What won me over was this nice view overlooking a golf course and the beach. I was able to work on the threadmill with the help of the view. Also, the free wireless enabled my energetic music to flow via Spotify. I would probably spend most of my day at the gym if I had one like this every day. 

A Short Stay In San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. (Video)

I arrived Saturday night, tired from the flight yet mentally excited for a much needed break in Mexico. Having been here many times now, I feel SJD has become my 2nd home, however, the amount of places to see is still vastly waiting to be discovered. SJD is a booming market with new hotels (i.e. La Ventana coming soon) and restaurants being built every year, there always seem to be something new to see.

As soon as I landed, my folks picked me up at the airport and we immediately went to try a newish restaurant in downtown San Jose.

The food was ok. I ordered the Chicken Fajitas, while dad had the Steak plate, and mom had the Red Pepper Stuffing dish. I think the Bone Marrow appetizer was the best plate we had that night to be honest.

After dinner we walked around the square and found it quite buzzing with the locals roaming around the area. There was music playing, kids riding scooters, skating, teenagers canoodling and/or family birthday gatherings. We bought some popsicles and sat on a bench to people watch. It was a cool night and a great way to end the day.

To be continued…

The East Escape

bajacalifornia | astintabroad

I’m writing to you from our porch within steps from the ocean. Looking up, the water is inviting and appearing to be magnetic trying to draw me in. Ah, the East Escape is a paradise to me. Still, considered unspoiled and untouched, I come here almost every year with my family for a dose of sunshine, warmth and the ultimate serenity.
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Visiting The Gallery District

TheGalleryDistrict | astintabroad

One of my favorite things to do in San Jose Del Cabo is walking through The Gallery District in downtown. It is definitely a must see and do when someone comes to visit for the first time. The streets are lined with small shops, art galleries, cafe’s, markets, restaurants, and much more. If, that’s not enough, every Thursdays there’s an art walk event between 5-9pm. The town comes alive with locals and tourists flocking the streets. Normally, the art galleries will have new exhibitions or a chance for people to meet with the artists. What’s not to like, right?
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Mercado Orgánico (video)

Mercado Orgánico (a.k.a. The Organic Market) market is an open air field with various vendors selling food, hand-made jewelries, bags, clothes, dog collars and just about any authentic knick knacks that you can find that are locally made. The event is definitely family friendly and is a great way to spend your Saturday mornings (think Whole Foods Markets). Upon our arrival at the parking lot, we knew it was going to be a busy morning at the market seeing cars line up getting in and out of the parking spaces. There were people everywhere trying to find a spot but, normally it’s not like this (at least from what I remembered it to be). Once we parked, we hopped out and made our way to the food stands. Honestly, we only come here for the food because they’re usually fresh and are made on the spot. A perfect tummy filling that makes you want to keep coming back for more.

At the market, we walked around and took a few samples of bread with cheese and jams. I also saw other types of foods from empanadas both vegetarian and non-vegetarian style, pizzas, tacos, fried rice to fresh squeezed juices and much more. Somewhere in the field was a band playing in the distance. A small crowd watched and listened contently as they ate and socialized among each other. Other people were seen playing catch on the field or parents running after their kids. It was a whole fun and family affair.

After scouting around for food, my folks and I settled on a pizza. There was already a line of people waiting for the next batch to be cooked. We also decided to wait and after they were served, we devoured hungrily into our half pesto and half cheese slices. They really did hit the spot!

A few minutes later, dad mentioned about having ice cream for dessert. Of course, being an ice cream fiend I couldn’t say no. We walked over to an ice cream stand, where Mom and I ordered the chocolate with vanilla and peanuts popsicle. One the other hand, dad ordered the coconut flavor. Again, it hit the spot.

Calle Miguel Hidalgo # 82, Colonia Centro
San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico CP 23400
Parking: Free and on a dirt lot
Map or ask a local
See reviews here.