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5 Restaurants in the Algarve for Delicious Portuguese Cuisine

The Algarve region of Portugal is known for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and of course, its delicious food. Whether you’re a seafood lover or a fan of traditional Portuguese cuisine, there are plenty of amazing places to eat in the Algarve. Here are some of the best spots to check out on your next trip to this beautiful part of the world:


We’re so excited, we’re the only ones eating here for about 20 minutes and then the crowds came in. 😃😏😝 📍True Food, Faro (vegan/vegetarian/gluten free) Try: Kebab and Trufa Plate . . . #foodies #vegan #vegeterianfood🙏🙏🙏 #portugaltiktok #faroportugal🇵🇹 #visitportugal #algarve #algarveportugal @A Stint Abroad | Travel Inspo!

♬ original sound – A Stint Abroad | Travel Inspo!

True Food | Faro

If you’re looking for a healthy dining option in the Algarve region of Portugal, True Food is the place to be. This restaurant offers a variety of delicious, gluten-free dishes, including a salmon pizza and marinated tofu steak. They also have a selection of sweet treats, such as gluten-free cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and caramel pudding. And for those who prefer vegan options, True Food offers vegan ravioli and tofu stir fry. All of their dishes are homemade, so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest and most delicious meal possible. If you’re in the Algarve and looking for a healthy and tasty meal, be sure to stop by True Food.

Address: R. do Compromisso 12

Abigail’s Cafe | Lagos

Get cozy at this delicious cafe. Known for their Avo & Toast with/without mushrooms, eggs on toast, and delicious latte and milkshakes, this popular spot is sure to satisfy all of your cravings. They also offer a variety of coffee options, as well as sweet treats like pancakes, cookies, and croissants with champignons and baby spinach. When you arrive, simply order your food at the counter and they will bring it to your table. Don’t miss out on this tasty cafe experience!

Address: R. Henrique Correia da Silva 8


They say when the food is good, people come. Try the avocado toast and any of the smoothie. #algarveportugal #albufeira🇵🇹 #albufeiria #portugaltiktok #algarve #travelwithme #foodlover @A Stint Abroad | Travel Inspo!

♬ original sound – A Stint Abroad | Travel Inspo!
Octopus Dish

Portas de Sao Pedro | Faro

Have a romantic dinner and intimate dining experience in Faro, consider visiting a restaurant with a secluded patio. The peaceful atmosphere and stunning surroundings make it the perfect spot for a special occasion or a date night. Imagine sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying a delicious meal with your loved one, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Algarve. We highly recommend trying the octopus and sweet potatoes, as well as the pork, prawn fish, and duck. For dessert, we recommend the pudding of hot goats cheese with honey, walnuts, and fruit. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful dinner.

Address: Largo do Dr. Silva Nobre 7

Tiger Street Sushi | Albufeira

We took a leisurely stroll around Albufeira, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. After much deliberation, we decided to stop at Tiger Street for lunch. Our expectations were far exceeded as the sushi was simply divine, with a level of service that was truly remarkable! It was the perfect light yet satisfying meal!

Address: R. Cândido dos Reis 30

albufeira sushi

Burgers & Bowls | Faro

There’s nothing more unique and exciting than having a dining experience at this hidden gem of a restaurant. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but once you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re dining inside a cave! The ambiance is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. To add to the excitement, the food is also amazing. I had the octopus salad and my boyfriend had a burger, and both were delicious. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind dining experience in the Algarve.

Note: Unfortunately, I did not get a photo but you can check out their Instagram here.

Address: Lago do Pé da Cruz 30

No matter where you go in the Algarve, you’re sure to find delicious food and warm, welcoming hospitality. These are just a few of the many amazing places to eat in this beautiful region of Portugal.

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