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Birthday brunch at Orange Hill Restaurant.

There’s no denying that birthdays is a special day. I think most people will want to do something nice to celebrate on the day that they are born or not (whichever one prefers). It could be a simple staying at home or in my case, going out for brunch.

Last weekend, my roommate introduced me to a restaurant that she believed I would enjoy. We had a few minutes of discussion about what this place had to offer and I was convinced it was the right place to spend my birthday. It turned out, she was right. Only 15 minutes away from our house, our Uber ride meandered through windy narrow roads and went up a hill where, we finally arrived to our destination around mid-morning. As we walked through the entrance way, there were koi ponds with water fountains all around that made me stop to look. The layout reminded me of the same entrance as the Royal Kona Hotel in Hawaii. It was quite peaceful and a nice segway to get in to the restaurant.


When we entered, we were escorted to our requested seating on the patio (a reservation made a few days in advance) that overlooked the city. I tell yah, the sweeping view of the city was breathtaking. Now I understand what all the fuss is about because the view is definitely nice.

Our waiter explained, that on some days when it’s clear (w/o smog), you can actually see a tiny part of the Hollywood sign in the distance. I guess, I would have to see it to believe it. Although, I was not the least bit complaining about the current state of our view that showed Orange County in its entirety.


As we sat down, we were offered unlimited mimosas (part of the brunch deal) and we gladly drank our mimosas as soon as they arrived. We took our time to sip it, while we enjoyed the view in front of us before we decided to head inside to eat.


For $52, the food was an all you can eat buffet style ranging from scrambled eggs, fresh pastries to seafood (sushi, crabs, shrimps, etc.) and desserts. I took advantage mostly on seafood eating as much shrimps, oysters, and sushi as I could. It was soooo good! I probably went back 4x throughout the whole time we were there lol. I definitely had no shame in stuffing myself. Besides the seafood, my other favorite table I frequented were the dessert. I tried pretty much everything but, I mostly focused on the chocolate fountain where I used strawberries to dip in chocolates. I can say my tummy was one happy camper that day.


orangehill4Besides brunch, the place is also known to hold other special occasions as a venue (i.e. weddings). There’s a separate room towards the back of the building that can be rented for such event and I assumed, it can hold a limited amount of people.

After brunch hour was over, we stayed just a few minutes longer to finish our mimosas and witnessed the back part of the building turned into a set up for a ceremony. After we’ve maxed out on our mimosa drinks and stuffed ourselves w/ seafood, we were ready to head home.


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