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Unlimited Mimosas, Breathtaking Scenery, and Mouth-Watering Seafood: My Unforgettable Birthday Brunch Experience at Orange Hill Restaurant

Recounting the story of my epic birthday celebration at the breathtaking Orange Hill Restaurant.

My roommate and I were looking for a cool place to celebrate my birthday, and she suggested this amazing restaurant just 15 minutes away from our house. As we made our way there, we couldn’t believe how beautiful the surroundings were. The road was winding and the scenery was breathtaking.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by the sound of water fountains and ponds with colorful koi fish swimming around. It felt like we were in a peaceful oasis, a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The interior of the restaurant was so fancy and cool, with a mix of Hawaiian and Mediterranean styles. But the best part was the outdoor patio with an incredible view of the city. It was a great place to take some cool pictures, that’s for sure!

When we entered, we were escorted to our requested seating on the patio (a reservation made a few days in advance) that overlooked the city. I tell yah, the sweeping view of the city was breathtaking. Now I understand what all the fuss is about because the view is definitely nice.

Our waiter was amazing and let us know that on clear days, we could even see a tiny part of the Hollywood sign in the distance. Crazy, right?! Although we couldn’t see it that day, we were completely content with the stunning view in front of us.

As we sat down, we were offered unlimited mimosas (part of the brunch deal) and we gladly drank our mimosas as soon as they arrived. We took our time to sip it, while we enjoyed the view in front of us before we decided to head inside to eat.

For $52, the food was an all you can eat buffet style ranging from scrambled eggs, fresh pastries to seafood (sushi, crabs, shrimps, etc.) and desserts. I took advantage mostly on seafood eating as much shrimps, oysters, and sushi as I could. It was soooo good! I probably went back 4x throughout the whole time we were there lol. I definitely had no shame in stuffing myself. Besides the seafood, my other favorite table I frequented were the dessert. I tried pretty much everything but, I mostly focused on the chocolate fountain where I used strawberries to dip in chocolates. I can say my tummy was one happy camper that day.

As we finished up our mimosas, we noticed a separate room towards the back of the building that looked perfect for special occasions, like weddings. It made me daydream about having my own wedding there someday. Orange Hill Restaurant had everything – great vibes, incredible scenery, and fantastic food. I can’t wait to go back and experience it all over again with my friends.


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