Morning Hike at Las Ramblas

Today’s morning hike kicked my booty the rest of the day because I am beat! This was my first time hiking at Las Ramblas Trail located in San Juan Capistrano. Though worth it, I did not expect the trails to have very steep hills. The whole hike took about 5 miles where we took 2 different trails called “Las Ramblas” and “Patriot Hill”. Both had … Continue reading Morning Hike at Las Ramblas

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Top 5 Things To Do in Orange County, CA

Did you know the largest city in Orange County is Anaheim? Did you know it was founded by the Germans? At one point the Germans lived near the Santa Ana River and combined the name Ana with heim (it means home). The Germans got it right because Orange County is home to me. With so many things to see and do, it’s no wonder I keep … Continue reading Top 5 Things To Do in Orange County, CA

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May Update: Stay at Home Order Lifted

Word around town is that today is the first day of the “Stay at Home” Order in California being lifted. We are entering Phase 2 which means a few businesses are allowed to re-open for curbside pickup such as retail. Certain guidelines are still in effect like wearing a mask when entering restaurants and social distancing. My employer also have started asking us to work … Continue reading May Update: Stay at Home Order Lifted

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Mid-April Update

It’s been over a month now since we’ve been hit with the “Stay at home” order in California. I’ve lost my patience in the negativity over the news for COVID-19 and thus, have decreased my daily checking. California stands on a soft re-opening and have opened a few beaches in my area and as far as I know, critical surgeries have resumed (not cosmetic related … Continue reading Mid-April Update

The Insider’s Guide in Moving to Orange County.

If you’re reading this then I can assume you’re thinking about moving to Orange County for whatever reason it may be. In any case, Orange County a.k.a “OC”, is a great place to be. We have direct access to the beach, the mountains and everything else in between. I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life and every time I move away I always seem … Continue reading The Insider’s Guide in Moving to Orange County.

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First Thing I Will Do After the COVID-19 Crisis Ends.

I’m sitting here letting the title of this post marinate for a little bit. I feel that we’re far from the crisis ending anytime soon but, I am hopeful. One day, when this ends and I am sure it will, I want to be ready for the things that I missed doing or took for granted before the crisis started. These are in no way … Continue reading First Thing I Will Do After the COVID-19 Crisis Ends.

Coping During My 2nd Week of “Stay At Home” Order.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, life is pretty grim around here in Orange County, California. People are being “furlough” left to right, hiring freeze is abundant, grocery stores rarely has any food in stock and the list goes on and on. When will it stop? Nobody knows, at least until we start seeing the number of people infected start dropping then things will … Continue reading Coping During My 2nd Week of “Stay At Home” Order.

MLK 3-Day Weekend. What Are You Up To?

How’s your first month of this year going so far? It seems for me it’s been on a roller coaster ride juggling between work and trying to fit in that travel life. I’m feeling like there never seem to be enough time which is why I’m looking forward to a much needed 3-Day weekend to hopefully, slow down and relax. Tomorrow we start off with … Continue reading MLK 3-Day Weekend. What Are You Up To?

The Best of 2019

This year travel wise was focused on visiting small towns in U.S.A. that I’ve never been to. It was an eye opener to see how many beautiful towns there are that I’ve yet to see in my own country. I learned that having a car will take you far. Renting a car when I visited Maryland was the best thing my mom and I could’ve … Continue reading The Best of 2019

The Reality of Meeting a Celebrity (video)

So, no one is ever prepared (I think) when you meet a celebrity for the first time. It just doesn’t happen. The initial greeting is always awkward because there’s nothing you can say or do that would make it less weird. Unless, you meet celebrities all the time in your line of work or you’re famous yourself then this doesn’t apply to you. I’m sure … Continue reading The Reality of Meeting a Celebrity (video)

‘Couture Beyond’ Fashion Exhibit at the Bower’s Museum

Coming from Milan, I’d like to say I know a thing or two about luxury fashion. Definitely, I’m no fashion connoisseur, though, I found ‘Couture Beyond’ exhibit happening now in Santa Ana quite fascinating. The Bower’s Museum is an art museum located in Orange County, California. Its permanent collections highlights Native American Art, pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Asian, African and Oceania art and special exhibits such as … Continue reading ‘Couture Beyond’ Fashion Exhibit at the Bower’s Museum

Hi-Times Wine Tastings

Two days ago, I went to a Professional Networking event for women. Normally, as an introvert I am naturally hesitant to do something social with a large group of people. Nerves usually kick in and I get that funny feeling in my belly trying to get even a word out. However, base on the last event for this group, I felt it was a good … Continue reading Hi-Times Wine Tastings