The Hidden Lake

If someone told me that there’s a small island off of Sirmione Lake Garda with water access and you can swim there all day, I would never have believed it until I see it with my own eyes. Well, it’s safe to say that I was surprised.About 45 minutes by boat from Desenzado we reached a small town called Sirmione Lake Garda. Within footsteps off the boat, we reached the city center and meandered around the narrow streets. IMG_9253 (1).jpgIn the city center, you will find small shops all around the area with restaurants and at some point, the route will take you to Scaliger castle. IMG_9210.jpgThe castle is a pit stop for every tourist. It’s tough not to be drawn to it as it sits up with green water surrounding it. Indeed, that water color and the ducks are as real as it gets.IMG_9207IMG_9206IMG_9255.jpgIMG_9286.JPGIMG_9232.jpgIMG_9300.JPGIMG_9283.jpgIMG_9266.jpgIMG_9270.jpgIMG_9268.jpgI must say, the best part for me was the water access. Its cool temperature offset the warm weather and it felt so good.

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