Greece Photo Diary

When you put sun, beach and water together somehow it just works for me. Greece was on my top list of places to see in Europe because I’ve heard from many of my friends that it’s beautiful. They weren’t kidding. 
When we arrived in Greece the sun was already out as if it had been waiting for us. Our layers of clothing came off the minute we landed and felt the sun on our skin. Alas, we arrived!
athens-6235We made our way to Plaka roaming through the flea market. Then, we came around a corner and I saw this view of the Acropolis high above at the end of the street. It was worth a photo snap!athens-6493We had lunch snacks at Klepsidracafe after our walk. It is a cute cafe right below the Acropolis which seemed like a popular spot. However, most people will probably accidentally come across it or have heard about it by word of mouth because it wasn’t easy to find unless you knew the street name or the area. athens-6498athens-6499.jpgathens-6495athens-6452.jpgA street over from Klepsidracafe. athens3.jpgathens-6256.jpgathens-6304Acropolisathens-6399athens-6526athens-6533athens-6335athens-6570athens-6580Lykavittos Hillathens-6574.jpgathens-6563Filoppappou Hill – quite a walk up hill. Although, the view is one of the best.athens-6552-2athens-6420athens.jpgPanathenaic Stadium athens-6612.jpgHydra Islandathens-6635.jpgHydra Islandathens-6637Hydra Islandathens-6546.jpgathens-6682athens-6653athens-6715athens-6705boat-6600athens-6475Piraeus Greece

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