Hopping Around the Greek Islands

Most people will tell you that 2 days is enough to visit Athens. I say go for 4 as V & I did because aside from being able to see all of the top attractions, from Athens you can hop on to see what other islands has to offer. On our third day, we signed up for a boat tour to see Hydra, Poros and Aegina. To me, it was one of the most memorable moments of our trip.Our first stop was Hydra Island, the furthest one out of the three that we saw and it was my favorite of all. Located in the Aegean Sea, this quaint little town is unforgettable. It is a car free island with pathways and breathtaking views that leaves you wanting for more.HydraIsland-6617HydraIsland-6632PortHydraIsland-6633PortHydraIsland-6627We wondered off in the neighborhood area. I loved the blue doors.HydraIsland-6624HydraIsland-6629HydraIsland-6628.jpgWe walked up the coastline and I found these flowers in full bloom. Spring is really here!HydraIsland-6641One of the best views of Hydra Island.HydraIsland-6623

Our boat ride entertainment while we head off to our next stop in Poros Island.
PorisIsland-6706PorisIsland-6670Upon arriving Poros Island, we made our way up to the Clock Tower which gave us a nice view of the island. PorisIsland-6683PorisIsland-6681poris2.jpgPorisIsland-6659.jpgPoros Island I found the quietest out of the three islands we saw. It felt as if people were either taking a nap, on vacation or both. Similar to Hydra Island, Poros also had cute painted doors and windows. I couldn’t help myself and took snaps as I went through the side streets.PorisIsland-6657.jpgPorisIsland-6703.jpgThis kitty perfectly paints the mood of the island….stay relax.poris.jpgGetting friendly with the locals 😉AeginaIsland-6746.jpgOur last stop was Aegina Island known for pistacchio. During our walk through the island, V & I came across this family owned stand that sold different types of jams that were all made with pistacchio. We couldn’t resist looking because they offered tastings and ultimately, hooked me on my third tastings that consisted with pistacchio and nutella mixed together. OMG! Nutella is my weakness. Yes, I bought the jam and it is very very tasty. aegina2.jpgA photo on the left side above of the nutella & pistacchio jam I bought (2nd shelf from the top down).AeginaIsland-6720AeginaIsland-6736AeginaIsland-6721.jpgAeginaIsland-6745.jpgAeginaIsland-6739boat.jpgImages from our boat tour above is the main deck and the bottom image was our dessert. Yum. Traditional Greek dance.


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