Falling for Santorini

I’ve seen many photos of Santorini before my trip but, nothing can compare seeing it in person. It is one of the most beautiful and absolutely breathtaking place I’ve ever seen in my life. I know it sounds cheesy but, it’s true. To me, Santorini is one of a kind. santorini-7112santorini-7111.jpgsantorini-6942santorini-6947santorini-6813santorini-6836santorini-6814santorini-7131santorini-6796santorini-6804.jpgsantorini-6794santorini-7115donkeysantorini-6795santorini-6811santorini-7022.jpgsantorini-7025santorini-7069santorini-7089santorini-7043.jpgsantorini-7055santorini-7079.jpgsantorini-6838.jpgsantorini-6801santorini-6868santorini-6952.jpgsantorini-6983santorini-6993santorini-6965santorini-6959santorini-6969santorini-6996

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