Acropolis, Athens

On our first day in Athens, we made it a priority to see the Acropolis first thing in the morning. We did exactly that and spent most of our day exploring the monuments and then we made our way down to see the Theatre of Dionysus and the Acropolis Museum.

Some things to know before your visit:

UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription: 1987

Hours: winter and summer hours are different, your best bet is to ask a local or go to the site and ask someone who works there.
Price: 20 euros (general admission) & 12 euros (students w/ i.d. cards).

Acropolis-6446The rocks that the Acropolis is sitting on are original.Acropolis-6330Acropolis-6331Acropolis-6314Acropolis-6348Acropolis-6319.jpgAcropolis-6347Erectheion “The Old Temple of Athena” – many of its parts are now in the Acropolis Museum.Acropolis-6279Yes, it’s crowded. The temple of Athena of Nike is on the left side from this angle which is where the brand “Nike” got its name 😉Acropolis-6287Acropolis-6404Theatre of Dionysus: we used the same ticket for the Acropolis. Acropolis-6406Theatre of Dionysus

I have no photos available to show you for the Acropolis Museum as photography wasn’t allowed but, here’s a video of me walking upon entering the museum. Under the museum is an excavation being done. It makes me wonder (among the rest of the Greeks) what else may be hidden in other parts of the city.

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