Nice, France – Diary 1

About 5 hours via train ride from Milan to Nice, you get a beautiful coastal view à la French Riviera. Our train ride was late upon arriving to Nice but, it’s one of those times where relaxation begins (no matter the circumstances) once you are hit with a stint of the beach, sand and sun in your face.

Once we arrived, we dropped off our bags and walked around the city center. It was 15 degrees warmer in Nice compare to Milan and we were loving it. As we walked around town, we opted for a quick drink and had wine at Lou Pastrouli Bar in Place Du Palais De Justice square.

nice4.jpgOur view. It was great for people watching.nice21On the way to our apartment, Place Garibaldi was our main point. The christmas decorations were still displayed all over the city which, I thought lit up the area quite nicely.IMG_3928Place Massénanice15.jpgPlace Massénanice9.jpgPlace Massénanice27.jpgnice12.jpgnice22.jpgRandom alley waynice24.jpgRandom alley waynice5Random alley waynice8We got hungry and had dinner at Les Garcons. I guess the way restaurant works in the French Riviera is that you either have a set menu or choose the a la carte option. We decided to go with the set menu.nice23.jpgnice6I had the lamb w/ potatoes. It was delicious!nice7For dessert, sorry, I can’t recall the name of it. Although, chocolate was involved with caramel toppings. Yum!nice18.jpgI liked the details on this french door. I couldn’t help but, snap a photo.nice30.jpgnice13nice25.jpgPromenade du PaillonIMG_3934.JPGPromenade du Paillonnice26.jpgnice28.jpg

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