Burano, Italy

Have you heard of Burano Island? It’s a small area that can be reached from Venice known as the “lace city”. When I was researching about Venice and things to see or do, I came across colorful images of this island and knew I had to go there. burano12The day we arrived in Venice, it was cloudy and cold. We went back and forth whether we wanted to go to Burano Island or not and I’m glad we did.

We took 3 different ferries to the island from Venice. The journey took about 1hr. 30min. round-trip so, plan your time wisely. Sadly, I ended up rushing through the island and in the process, I lost my ferry ticket.  I was not happy about that but, luckily I was able to buy another ticket at the ferry station in Burano Island. The cost is 7.50 euros one-way.burano9burano3burano2buranoburano7burano6.jpgburano5burano1burano8.jpgThe island is deserted in the middle of winter but, there were still a lot of tourists around to keep it lively. I could probably spend 2 hours here wondering around and looking at the shops. The colorful buildings are very intriguing that made me “ooh” and “aah” the whole time. Well worth visiting!

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