Discover the Vibrant Colors of Burano, Italy: A Photogenic Island Village

As soon as we stepped off the ferry, we were greeted by the vibrant colors of Burano Island. The buildings, houses, and even the streets are painted in a rainbow of hues, creating a striking contrast against the cloudy sky. It’s no wonder why this small island is often referred to as the “lace city” – it’s truly a photographers dream.

The island is famous for its lace-making, and you’ll find plenty of shops selling traditional Burano lace. We spent some time browsing through the stores, admiring the intricate patterns and delicate work that goes into each piece. You’ll also find plenty of souvenirs and trinkets to take home as a reminder of your visit.Despite the chilly weather, we found ourselves wandering the streets for hours, admiring the colorful buildings and getting lost in the charming atmosphere of the island. One of the highlights of our visit was visiting the Church of San Martino, a beautiful white and green building that sits at the heart of the island. The church is open to visitors and offers a great view of the island from its bell tower.

It’s like stepping into a painting

All in all, our visit to Burano Island was a highlight of our trip to Venice. The journey may have been a bit long, but it was definitely worth it for the chance to see such a unique and picturesque place. If you’re planning a trip to Venice and have some extra time, I highly recommend taking a day trip to Burano Island. Just be sure to bring your camera and keep an eye on your ferry ticket!


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