Monaco, France

My partner in crime, Anthony and I went to Monaco for the day. We took a scenic 25 min. bus ride along the coast and arrived early morning without an agenda. IMG_4027.jpgThe bus dropped us off coincidentally near a map of the city. We took the route to the Palace of Monaco and off we went.IMG_3995On the way to The Palace du Palais.IMG_4022Overlooking the harbor from The Palace du Palais.IMG_4049IMG_4017IMG_4004The Palace du PalaisIMG_4032.jpgAt some point, we heard that at 11:55 they had guard changes. We waited and boy, it was a riot. IMG_4013Before the crowd.IMG_4030.jpgThis is what it looks like when the crowds are in full blown paparazzi status.IMG_4060Roaming the alley ways was definitely a good idea.IMG_4045.jpgI can’t get enough of the shutters and the colors of the buildings.IMG_4039.jpgIMG_4062IMG_4036.jpgIMG_4061.jpgIMG_4041.jpgIMG_4126IMG_4081.jpgIMG_4087.jpgIMG_4106.jpgAt the Grand Casino.IMG_4100.jpgFerraris zone.IMG_4101.jpgIMG_4102.jpgIMG_4098.jpgIMG_4067Monte Carlo Christmas market.IMG_4073.jpgIMG_4070.jpgIMG_4063.jpg

Overall, Monaco was fun to look at. I wouldn’t say I’d come back again but, it’s worth stopping over for a couple of hours.

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