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Blooming in Walla-Walla

Double W (a.k.a. Walla-Walla) needs no introduction – this quaint country town in Walla Walla is the perfect getaway for a relaxing break. Luckily, I had the chance to return for the second time and was thrilled to see how different the town looked in a new season.

The last time I was here, this town was filled with a blanket of thick snow. It was tough, at times, to see the trees or the roads. That’s why I was quite surprised to find out that I didn’t see not even an inch of snow (except the mountains) when I arrived. The sun was shining so brightly that it was almost impossible to open my eyes, and I immediately regretted forgetting to bring my sunglasses and hat. But the warm weather was a welcome change from the icy conditions of my previous visit (read the post here).

Despite the lack of snow in Walla-Walla, there were still traces of it in other parts of the state, as I saw this beautiful view of Mt. Rainier from my window seat on the plane. But on the ground in Walla-Walla, it was a completely different story.

View of Mt. Rainier

My visit this time round was at a much slower pace than last time. I had a bit more time and got the chance to roam the forest. I admit, I was scared for my life because I knew this area is infested with bears and cougars (that can go up to 150 lbs). I would like to say I am adventurous and I like to hike but, cautious. I suggest when you go hiking here, at least go with a local or someone who knows their way around (someone who understands the nature of the area inside and out). You don’t want to end up missing or come across unwanted situations.

No sign of snow @ Umatilla National Forest.

As an adventurous person, I am quite open to new things but, being in the forest took time to adjust. The trees were big and thick (similar to the trees in Yosemite) and in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about bears or cougars hiding somewhere behind these trees. Although, I never saw even 1 animal. We finally got out of the forest and climbed up on top of a hill. We saw this nice view which, I definitely enjoyed.


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