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Embrace the Winter Wonderland of Walla Walla

Waala Waala, try saying that 5x.

My first trip this year was a random, last-minute decision and I was both excited and exhausted as I navigated my way through a layover in Seattle. Little did I know that getting to Waala Waala would involve two flights and an early morning wake-up call. But after 3 and a half hours of travel, I finally arrived at my destination.

Waala Waala is a hidden gem that offers a winter experience like no other. The town transforms into a winter wonderland with its snow-covered streets, twinkling lights, and festive activities. Despite the journey, it’s worth it for the horse-drawn carriage rides, ice skating, and Christmas markets. Waala Waala is a perfect place for families, friends, and couples to make lasting memories and celebrate the holiday season.

Window seat view – breathtaking ain’t it?

Upon my arrival to Walla Walla, I immediately noticed the small, relaxed atmosphere of the airport. Unlike a larger city like SNA, people seemed to be in less of a hurry. Walla Walla is a unique destination located in Washington State, with a population of around 32,854. The town is a quick 3-4 hour drive from Seattle, Portland, Oregon and Spokane, making it a perfect weekend getaway.

Walla Walla is renowned for its agricultural heritage and is particularly famous for its wine production. The surrounding area is home to many vineyards and wineries, offering visitors a chance to sample the local wines and learn about the winemaking process. The town also boasts beautiful scenic views, with rolling hills and lush greenery, perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you’re interested in wine, nature, or a laid-back atmosphere, Walla Walla is the perfect destination for an adventure.

Outside Walla Walla airport

As I stepped out of the airport and felt the cool air hit my face, I knew I was no longer in the sunny land of O.C. In front of me, was a thick blanket of snow, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The scene was picturesque, and the snow was whiter than my bedsheets.

Exploring the town and nearby cities, I found that the locals were friendly and easy to talk to. The town has a much more open feel, with less buildings and more open fields, compared to a place like Southern California. I was curious to see how the town would look in the summer or spring, but the snow gave it a unique winter wonderland feel that can’t be experienced during other seasons.

Walla Walla is a small town that offers visitors a chance to experience the excitement of a winter wonderland, with friendly locals and a unique, open feel. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this hidden gem, and experience the beauty of Walla Walla during the winter season.


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  1. “Winter is coming” definitely my favorite season.. I didn’t realize that area you visited was so flat. It sort of looks like upstate New York. For some reason I was picturing white capped mountains. As I did when I visited Mammoth, California for snowboarding, not too long ago. Waala Waala is really the name of the airport?

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