Winter Wonderland in Waala Waala

Waala Waala, try saying that 5x. My first trip this year was random and on a whim. I was half excited and half asleep trying to stay awake as I made my way through a layover in Seattle. I had no idea that getting to Waala Waala would take me through 2 flights and additionally, waking up at 4am to make it to my first transport. After 3 and a half hours later, I finally made it to my destination.

Window seat view – breathtaking ain’t it?

The first few hours upon my arrival, I noticed how small the airport was and it seemed that people were more relaxed and less in a hurry compare to SNA. As a side note, Walla-Walla approximately has a population of 32,854 and is located in Washington State. It is about 3-4 hours drive from Seattle, Portland, Oregon and Spokane. They are apparently known for agriculture and wine.

Outside Walla Walla airport

As I made my way outside the airport to wait for my friend, the cool air hit my face as the door opened. Right away the wind chill snapped me back to reality. I was definitely no longer in sunny land of O.C. In front of me was a thick and a whole lot of snow! I’ve never seen so much powder whiter than my bedsheets. The scene was very pretty.

Having the chance to roam around town and drive to the nearby cities, I came to realize that people were very friendly and easy to talk to. I also noticed that like Southern California everything is spread out but, less buildings and more open fields.

I am curious as to how this place would look in the summer or spring season. To me, the snow gave it a winter wonderland feel that you won’t probably get in any other season.

2 responses to “Winter Wonderland in Waala Waala”

  1. “Winter is coming” definitely my favorite season.. I didn’t realize that area you visited was so flat. It sort of looks like upstate New York. For some reason I was picturing white capped mountains. As I did when I visited Mammoth, California for snowboarding, not too long ago. Waala Waala is really the name of the airport?

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