Top 5 Things that Comes To Mind On Your Last Day of Vacation.

    1. Make Every Minute Count. That favorite spot, view, food or whatever made this vacation fun, you try doing that activity over again and try to make it last.

  1. vernazza-8377It can’t hurt to eat gelato in the morning, lunch and evening, right? 
  2. Say bye to friends you met along the way. Unfortunately, it’s time to say ciao to friends you’ve met abroad or friends you met while on your vacation. Unless, they live near you in your home country or plan to see them shortly after, then, carry on hanging out together.monza-77513. Trying to mentally prepare for work life.Am I really that excited to sit in a room all day? Um, no. lol It usually takes me at least a week to get back into the swing of things.me4. Trying to mentally prepare for the change in the weather.

    This will obviously depend on your travel destination or your preference. As for me, well, I’m not looking forward to the cold weather. lol Although, I suppose returning home will always take some sort of adjustments wherever you live.
    santorini-69695. Planning your next adventure. YOLO!


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