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The East Escape

I’m writing to you from our porch within steps from the ocean. Looking up, the water is inviting and appearing to be magnetic trying to draw me in. Ah, the East Escape is a paradise to me. Still, considered unspoiled and untouched, I come here almost every year with my family for a dose of sunshine, warmth and the ultimate serenity.

The East Escape is located in San Jose Del Cabo; at the coastal tip of Sea Cortez of Baja California. The way to get here is through downtown San Jose Del Cabo at the bridge near the marina. Driving in to the East Escape takes about an hour (depending on the destination). You’ll enjoy meandering through paved and unpaved roads passing through the desert and occasionally, see a few cows or donkeys. Yes, you’ll need a car here and a truck to be preferred. Some of the roads are paved up to a certain point but, near the coast it’s still a bit rough. Although, that’s what makes the East Escape unique.
The feeling of seclusion is one of my favorite parts about the East Escape. We’re miles away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy town yet, I still feel as if I have enough things to do.

I particularly like that I’m able to roll out of bed, freshen up and then change to my bathing suit. Breakfast usually consists of a healthy fruity smoothie, followed by running off to the beach barefoot and all. The beach, for the most part, is quiet with the exception of some campers/surfers found in some areas. I take full advantage of my time here buried in my books when I’m not swimming or the latter, tanning for hours.

If it requires a bikini, my answer is yes.

By lunch hour, I snack on fruits or an avocado toast. A light hearted meal usually fulfills my hunger, quite a different habit than my usual routine. Somehow, I emotionally eat when I’m working but, here at the East Escape, my appetite yearns for the greens.
My favorite spot is on our patio where, I can look out into the ocean and potentially see a whale or two. When there’s spurts of water in the distance, it usually means the whales are out. Today, I spotted a few.
By mid-afternoon, dad and I will head off to the fishermen’s wharf and wait for them to come. This is where we normally buy our fish, strait from the ocean in a mere of minutes. It’s as fresh as they can get. We ended up bringing home 2 large Cabrio fish packed in our heavy duty bags. Boy, these babies were heavy. Once we were home, mom scaled the fish and prepped them for the time when we decide to cook them.

The end of my day is usually with a glass of wine and a sunset viewing on the rooftop. The view is quite a scene from up here especially, when the sun goes down. It truly defines the life here in the East Escape.

A Simple Life in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.

One of my favorite places to go in the winter for sun and an ultimate peaceful time is San Jose Del Cabo (SJD).

Acre restaurant

Places to Eat in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.

What’s on the Menu?

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