A Golden Hour in Lecco.

Our final exam ended, Italy is on a long holiday and the sun was out. What a perfect time to explore a new city with my travel partner V. Around mid-afternoon today, V and I hopped on a train and made it in Lecco an hour and a half later. It was absolutely a beautiful day. Even though Lecco is a small town, I enjoyed the view of the lake and simply spending the day here. Nothing more and nothing less.

This lake was unbelievable. It’s much bigger than it looks in the photo.

We arrived to a sunny day with 7 degree celsius temperature. Yes, it was cold but, warmer than Milan. I never would’ve thought in the million years that I would survive a weather this cold but, here I am. Lots of families, couples and tourists wondered around the lake like us.

IMG_2830.JPGThis is further down the lake away from the city center. I caught a good glimpse of this walking path with no one around. Zing!

Then the golden hour came around. Gotta love the reddish tones in the sky.

Ok, we didn’t actually spend all day walking around the lake. We had time to shop and walk around the city center. Although, the best time for me was definitely wondering around the lake and taking in the view. Can you blame me?

Until next time…Arrivederci Lecco.

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