Cinque Terre: Corniglia

You won’t pass by Corniglia without anyone mentioning about having to go up (or down) 300 steps as a one way to enter this village. Corniglia is small. There are about 1,000 inhabitants in this village and they all know each other. When we arrived, a shuttle dropped us off at the beginning of the city center which is literally on top of a hill. From there, we wondered off walking around the village and eventually ended up in the back of the hill.

Corniglia, I found to be very quiet. It’s surrounded by vineyards and if you give it a chance, there are some fantastic restaurants and incredible views that you will find in the area. You just have to discover it. 

Bar Terza Terra

Can you believe this view? Have a cocktail at Bar Terza Terra to the left from this photo above and you will get this infinity view of the coast.

We had dinner at Bar Nunzio on a terrace overlooking the vineyard and also part of the city center. This restaurant is hidden but, if you find it you will enjoy a very relaxing atmosphere. My friend and I came hungry and ordered a pizza, apetizers and the local Cinque Terre beer which was very delicious!

By 7pm, little did we know that the shuttle we took to get to this village ended their service exactly at 7. We ended up going down 300 steps that lead us directly to the train station. You can also access the village this way but, I think I preferred going down the steps rather than going up.

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