Explore Corniglia: A Hidden Village with 300 Steps, Vineyard Views and Surprising Delights

Embark on an adventure to the village of Corniglia, where you’ll be greeted with the challenge of ascending (or descending) 300 steps to reach the city center. This small and tight-knit community of around 1,000 residents will make you feel like you’re a part of their family.

Arriving by shuttle, you’ll find yourself atop a hill, with the city center at your feet. Meander through the streets, taking in the peaceful atmosphere as you discover hidden gems, like the fantastic restaurants and breathtaking views surrounded by vineyards. The serene and tranquil surroundings make Corniglia not only pretty but also very quiet, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With a little exploration, you’ll soon find that Corniglia is a treasure trove of surprises, waiting for you to uncover.

Get ready for breathtaking views with a twist! Head to Bar Terza Terra and raise a cocktail to the breathtaking infinity view of the coast. And if you’re looking for a hidden gem, venture to Bar Nunzio for dinner. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on a terrace overlooking a vineyard and part of the city center while savoring delicious pizzas, appetizers, and the local Cinque Terre beer.

Bar Nunzio

But, be warned – at 7 PM, the shuttle service ends, leaving you with a choice – 300 steps down to the train station or a hike up the hill. We took the adventurous route and descended the steps, arriving at the train station feeling invigorated and ready for more adventure in Cinque Terre.

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cinque terre

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