Swim with Swans in Lugano

Who knew there was a beautiful lake hidden 2 hours away from Milano. We arrived mid-day to Lugano sweating under the 80 degree weather. Neither of us knew exactly where to go except at some point eat a gelato.

The bus from the train station dropped us off at the city center. We walked through the area making our way to buy a gelato only to realise that Switzerland used a different currency not euros. Whooops! It was one of those “…..remember that time we went to Lugano and thought we could pay with euros instead of francs? lol

Walking away from the city center, we ended up at the lake. It was a breath of fresh air.  lugano4.png

lugano.pnglugano2.pnglugano-12.jpglugano-11lugano-3This is the only place I’ve seen people swim with swans. lugano3.pnglugano-.jpgI’d be lying to you if, I didn’t make a pit stop to have gelato. Have you seen my insta???? lugano-6.jpgOne day, I will live in a place with a fancy balcony and a view to die for.lugano-7.jpglugano-1.jpgThe view on the way home was on point!

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