San Bernardino alle Ossa – A Church with Bones

The clock hit on the dot at 1pm, class ended, the sun was beaming and everyone was excited. It’s official, spring-break started. I busted out my list of places I want to see in Milan. Most of it can be done in a day but, somehow I’ve been putting it off and now it was time to stop procrastinating. This afternoon, I spent time wondering around Milan and ended up at San Bernardino alle Ossa a.k.a. “the skull church”. It’s located near the Duomo and is sorta hidden but, I have heard about it a few months ago.

So here I am standing in a small room looking up at nothing but bones placed in every corner of this room. Since I arrived in Europe, I’ve seen and encountered many churches before but, never a church full of skeletons and bones. I was both confused as to why someone would do this yet saying “how cool!”.  I made a quick search on google and they say that the bones were from patients who died in a hospital and a nearby cemetery ran out of room thus, using the church to hold the rest of the skeletons and bones that didn’t fit in the cemetery.IMG_6080.JPGIMG_6098.JPGIMG_6135

Address: Via Verziere, 2, Milano (8min. walk from Piazza del Duomo)

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