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Lake Como

Lake Como

The best thing about being in Milan is the fact that everything is close by. We have access to the most beautiful places in the world such as Lake Como. 

We took Trenord (train) from Cardona (metro) and got off Lake Como exit within an hour. There are several different route you can take but, this one was direct and took us strait to Lake Como.The ride on the way there and back was easy with the exception of the fact that the train mistakenly announced the incorrect exits. We almost got off the wrong stop but, an elderly woman sitting next to us firmly assured that we needed to get off the Lake Como exit. She said it was the last train stop and she turned out to be correct.

Once we arrived, words cannot explain except this place was absolutely stunning. I’ll let my photos describe our experience.

When you exit the train look for Rosticceria Siciliana restaurant. They have decent pricing and several options of pita style sandwiches. The menu had photos shown but, the actual size of the food was bigger than we anticipated. The drinks are a bit overpriced but, go to a supermarket around the corner. They’re selling water for .50 cents as oppose to 1,00 euros. The total amount I paid for the Toscana sandwhich & water was 5,20 euros.

We went around the lake for about 3 hours and took photos along the way. I think no matter which way you go, every spot is worth taking a snapshot. It helped that the weather was fantastic, it wasn’t cold or hot but, just right. I say that if you want to get away from the city and relax, this is the place to be.

Lake Como Break
Lake Como, Italy

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