Lake Como
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Escape the City and Explore the Beauty of Lake Como: A Day Trip Adventure

One of the best things about being in Milan is the proximity to so many beautiful and iconic destinations. The city is perfectly located, allowing easy access to some of the most beautiful places in the world. One of my favorite day trips from Milan is Lake Como, located just a short train ride away.

Lake Como is a stunning destination with crystal clear waters, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful villas. As you walk around the lake, you’ll be able to admire the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the elegant villas that line the shore. It’s hard not to feel awestruck by the natural beauty of the lake, and it’s easy to see why it’s been a popular destination for centuries.

The towns around the lake also worth a visit, each with its own charm and character. Bellagio, Como, Varenna and Menaggio, which are some of the most picturesque towns around the lake, offering delicious local food, beautiful waterfronts and charming streets to explore. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a relaxing day trip.

Our day trip took us in route to Trenord from the Cardona metro station, and within an hour we were at the Lake Como exit. The train ride there was smooth, with the exception of one small hiccup when the train mistakenly announced the incorrect exits. But, an elderly woman sitting next to us kindly assured us that we needed to get off at the Lake Como exit, and she was right!

Once we arrived, we were blown away by the natural beauty of the lake. The crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush greenery and elegant villas, were absolutely stunning. As we took a walk around the lake, we were able to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and admire the charming towns that line the shore. Bellagio, Como, Varenna and Menaggio, are just some of the towns that are worth a visit, each with its own charm and character. The local food was delicious and the waterfronts and streets are charming to explore. It was the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a relaxing day trip.

We couldn’t put into words how beautiful our experience was, so we let our photos speak for themselves. If you ever have a chance to visit Lake Como, just go, it’s worth it. The train ride was easy, and the destination was absolutely stunning.

Near the train station is a restaurant called Rosticceria Siciliana that offers a wide variety of delicious pita-style sandwiches at decent prices. We were impressed by the size of the food, it was bigger than what we had anticipated. The menu had pictures of the dishes, but it doesn’t do it justice, they are huge. Drinks were a bit overpriced, but a tip is to grab your drinks at a supermarket around the corner, they’re selling water for just 50 cents as opposed to 1,00 euros. I paid only 5,20 euros for my Toscana sandwich and a water bottle.

We spent around 3 hours walking around the lake, taking in the stunning views and snapping photos along the way. We found that no matter which way you go, every spot is worth taking a snapshot. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold, making it an ideal day to explore the area.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to get away from the city and relax, Lake Como is the place to be. The views are breathtaking, the atmosphere is tranquil and the local food is delicious. Don’t forget to stop at Rosticceria Siciliana for a tasty sandwich and pick up your drinks at a nearby supermarket for a better price.

Lake Como Break
Lake Como, Italy

Being in Milan and having access to places like Lake Como is truly a blessing. It makes it easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the surrounding areas. I highly recommend taking a day trip to Lake Como if you have the chance.


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