Visiting the Sunset Sea Cliffs, San Diego. (Video)

I’ve had my share of views for sunsets and I can tell yeah that watching it from the Sunset Cliffs is a one of a kind experience.

I arrived without too much expectations but, it turned out to be more than what I anticipated. My first initial thought was that I would walk along the cliffs and sightsee. Doing so allowed me to peak over and enjoy the view. It was quite mesmerizing with the expansive views of the ocean and the dramatic formations of the cliffs.

In the distance further down the coast were people walking down a staircase that lead to the water. My curiosity got the best of me and I followed their path. At the bottom of the stairs was a tiny cove with the waves of the ocean literally moving right under your feet. Surfers used this area to make their way into the water which, I thought did not look safe. However, they were pros at it and made entering this way looked seamless. I didn’t stay long in the area and decided to go back up to where I started.

Once I was back at the top I walked even further down the coast leading me to another area where there was way to get down to the bottom. This time it looked to me that this path was way riskier than the staircase route I had just gone on. After seeing people make it to their point of destination, I decided to do the same.

Basically what happens is that you have to walk down through large boulders of rocks and then there’s this rope to make your way down to a beach area. I don’t recommend this at all but, the reason I did it was to find a cave that I saw online. I thought I would find here but, sadly I didn’t.

What I did find was a secluded beach area and tide pools that allowed me to have a closer look at the rock formations. That part was pretty cool.

On my way back, there was a bit of traffic using the rope. Please note that this is the only way back up; which is what makes this beach so secluded. Once I made it back up I decided it was time to go. At this point, the amount of visitors had increased in preparation to watch the sunset. I stayed for a few minutes and then, decided to head home.

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