Camping Trip

Desert Hot Springs, anyone?

Another weekend came and left in a blink of an eye. How is it that time flies when you’re having fun? I remembered last Friday when I was packing my backpack for yet, another camping trip weekend. It seemed like it was just yesterday.  The route to our destination this time took no less than 4 hours. We didn’t waste any time and directly went strait to the mountain. Once we arrived, the National Park deemed beautiful as I imagined it to be: warm, vast and absolutely stunning. My trustee navigator led the way, where he took us through an open field with beautiful cactus’ sprawled all over the valley that painted a nice scenery. It felt like I was in one of those western movies only this was very real.

I have to say, this hike in compare to Tabletop Mountain, was definitely easier as we were mostly on ground level. Although, with the warm weather it made it difficult navigating our way through the boulders. Now, I am learning that dehydration will definitely get the best of you, no matter how experience you are as a hiker. Besides water, I learned on this trip that finding shades will also tremendously help you too. So, take a shade as much as you can. Trust me on this, ok.IMG_1699.jpgAs we made our way into the mountain, Mr. Navigator and I considered stopping an hour into our hike but, we were keen in finding a better camping spot. Surprisingly, we did. Behind boulders and through some plants was a perfect and well-suited place for us that we knew, once we saw it, was the one.

We had our own desert oasis with a view and it’s all for us all weekend long. From the time we arrived until the sun went down, I could not have asked for a better place than this one.

I found a rock that I climbed on which, gave me a nice 360 degree view of the valley. It was definitely my favorite spot.

I wanted to see other types of animals besides lizards and jackrabbits but, unfortunately, they never came out. Although, something did get into Mr. Navigator’s sandwich as they were all torn apart when we woke up the next day. Mr. Navigator wasn’t too happy but, he survived.

At night time, the desert was even more beautiful. We slept under the stars – literally. The weather was around 50 degrees. A bit cool but, comfortable. The best part was that the top of our tent had a screen that opened up towards the sky. We were able to see the stars this way as we slept. Can it be more perfect!?!


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