Twinkling Lights in Geneva, Switzerland.

A few months ago V and I had one of our many conversations on the train while en route to yet, another destination. That day, we talked a lot about places we wanted to see before we left Europe and we both agreed on Geneva as one of the cities to see. Fast forward a few months later, well, little did we know a trip to Geneva would become a reality and more importantly, it would be our last European trip together.  Continue reading “Twinkling Lights in Geneva, Switzerland.”

One Day in Basel

Coming from Paris, C and I had the weekend in Milan to rest and prepare for our next big trip. If you didn’t know, Milan is a ghost town in August because everyone shuts down and goes on summer vacation for a month. All of my friends from school went home for the summer but, for those of us that are far from home don’t have that luxury.

Anyway, I’m glad my little C-Bear came to visit me as we made use of our time and we happily spent our days jumping at various locations within Europe. What I find great about being in Europe is the fact that I can be in another country within a few hours.

Basel was one city that both of us have never been to. It’s 4 hours away by train from Milan and yes, we did another 7am wake up call nearly missing our train. Although, I’m happy to say we made it.  Continue reading “One Day in Basel”

Zurich, Switzerland – Part 2

Zurich at Night

Zurich lights up at night, literally. Although, we missed the Christmas Lights opening in November, the experience was still effective. I enjoyed very much the way they displayed all of the lights around the city. The city already has a sense of charm but, even more when it’s lit up. Do you agree?

Trams have the priority here. There are 2 types, one old and one new. You can tell the difference because the newer one is quieter so, be careful when you cross the streets. You never know when the tram is right around the corner 😉

windowdisplay.jpgoutdoor market.jpg