Milan Fashion Week

What a week it’s been. You’ve probably heard that Milan Fashion Week just ended and my gosh, how crazy it was to see it happening locally. Milan on a normal day is generally quiet. It’s not rowdy like it is in L.A. or remotely close to craziness like Ibiza. But, this week Milan surprised me because the city literally lit up. Continue reading “Milan Fashion Week”

Milan Design Week 2016

Word around town that there’s a huge gathering happening this week in Milan called Design Week. If you missed the memo well, you’re missing a lot! The past two days I’ve been all over the place in the city hopping from one zone to the next and back. I found the exhibitions in Via Tortona the best, thus far, as it involved a lot of interactivity between people and technology. I highly suggest heading there today. Continue reading “Milan Design Week 2016”