Visiting PISA, Italy

Pisa was part of our Sienna trip. On the way back to Milan, we made a quick stop to see the PISA. After arriving, we went up on the top of the building, walked around a bit then, left. My expectation prior to arriving was that the Pisa would be larger than I imagined. To my surprise, the area it is situated in is smaller and of course, full of tourists. However, it’s worth seeing it.

I gotta admit, going inside made me a bit dizzy. Since, the PISA is tilted you’re also leaning as you enter the monument. It made me feel a bit disoriented for a few minutes but, I was fine after we started walking upstairs.


There’s a central building where you can purchase the ticket (behind the PISA) if, you want to go up the Pisa monument. You can buy it on the spot when you get there but, remember the time is allotted. You may have to wait for the next group for a particular hour who, are allowed to go up the monument. The other option is buying it online prior to your arrival. Be sure to research the particulars first and don’t be late.

The ticket itself is a combined price. That means you’re paying for going up the Pisa monument + the Cathedral. I did not see any single tickets just for the Pisa monument alone. It might be different online. Be sure to check.