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Anchored for the weekend in Avalon, Catalina Island

A hop on an express boat to Catalina Island will get you to the island in less than 2 hours. Once the boat docks, the island is in your hands. Whether you’re there to sightsee, eat, drink, or camp; Catalina Island has a bit of everything for everyone at any age. StayOn this trip, my bf and I stayed for a night at St. Lauren … Continue reading Anchored for the weekend in Avalon, Catalina Island

What I learned after visiting Chicago, Illinois.

1. Friendly locals: One of the first things that stood out to me when I visited Chicago was how friendly and helpful the locals were. They were more than willing to help out lost souls (like me) while wandering around their city. 2. Food Halls: I’ve never seen so many access to food halls as much as I did while I was in Chicago. In … Continue reading What I learned after visiting Chicago, Illinois.

Visiting Chicago’s Tourist Sites. (Video)

Saturday’s schedule was jam packed with outdoor activities that I wanted to see or do. I originally intended to spread out the activities in a span of 4 days while I was in Chicago but, since the weather was fantastic, I decided to see as much of outdoor related activities as possible. Most of them, of course, were the typical tourist sites. In daylight, I … Continue reading Visiting Chicago’s Tourist Sites. (Video)

Petting Alpacas in Temecula. (Video)

Part of the experience I enjoyed while visiting Temecula was signing up to feed and pet a few Alpacas. As it was my first time bonding with these types of animals, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. However, after much bonding I grew to love them in the end. The Alpacas are cute especially with their bushy furs hanging right around their eyes. … Continue reading Petting Alpacas in Temecula. (Video)

Exploring Old Town Temecula. (Video)

You can’t come to Temecula without seeing Old Town. It is one of the main attraction aside from wine tasting and it is a must see in my opinion. Truthfully, I didn’t have high hopes for Temecula at first because it reminded me of a previous experience I had visiting near the area that turned out to be disappointing. However, this trip completely changed my … Continue reading Exploring Old Town Temecula. (Video)

The Quiet Side of Temecula. (Video)

A busy work week for me usually means retreating to a quieter weekend getaway. Temecula came to mind as a perfect spot in re-setting. It was a place that was easy to reach (within an hour) from home yet, far enough to feel like I am in another world. What’s great about Temecula is that it’s known as a wine country town. Therefore, finding a … Continue reading The Quiet Side of Temecula. (Video)

Visiting the Hearst Castle Mansion.

Perched on top of a hill in San Luis Obispo is the Hearst Castle, a National Historic Landmark in Central Coast of California. The castle contains at least 165 rooms including terraces, pools and gardens. It once had a zoo onsite and Mr. Hearst would hold private parties inviting famous guests to his estate. Anyone who had the chance to stay in his estate was … Continue reading Visiting the Hearst Castle Mansion.

Snapshot on Morro Bay, CA

Morro Bay was a ray of sunshine. It’s a coastal city about an hour and 50 minutes north from Santa Barbara known for Morro Rock, an extinct volcanic mound towards the end of the bay. You can’t miss it because it stands around 576 feet tall. Getting here was semi easy if you take the right turn. I missed it and ended up going through … Continue reading Snapshot on Morro Bay, CA

Out and About in Downtown Santa Barbara.

With no specific plans in mind, I went to downtown Santa Barbara in the morning to see what it’s all about. My handy weather app told me that the rain was suppose to come in in the next 24 hours, therefore, I took full advantage of my time outside before it started pouring. Strolling through downtown was quite nice. They seemed to have all of … Continue reading Out and About in Downtown Santa Barbara.