Top 15 Questions Encountered When Planning a Vacation Abroad.

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Top 5 Feelings Encountered on my First Week Back from Vacation.

  1. I need another vacation.
  2. On cloud nine. I’ve been day dreaming about last week’s time spent wondering around town or the joy of drinking red wine at sunset. I’m still trying to hold on to those happy memories. When can I do that again?
  3. Sharing is caring. I found myself wanting to talk about my vacation. What I saw, the adventures I took and what happened; even though nobody really understands nor care for it. lolboat-6600
  4. Feeling Empowered. All of sudden new ideas comes to life. You start trying to make things happen in hopes of ultimately become a full-time remote employee. One day, it’ll happen OK!
  5. …And on to the next adventure. If you can’t fly far, go somewhere closer.

How to Get an Electronic Metro Card in Milan.

A metro card is a card that you use to tap up on a monthly basis that can be used anytime and any day that the transportation is in service within Milan. The card is valid in the metro, tram and the bus within the urban limit of Milan. Beyond the “urban limit” requires an extra cost and you will need to also buy the “extra urban ticket”. Continue reading “How to Get an Electronic Metro Card in Milan.”

A Declaration of Pain

You’ve read that headline correctly. It doesn’t mean anything except a representative of my lack in sleep and well, I’ve lost my mind a little bit today.

I’ve been up since 5-ish hoping that I would arrive at the Secretary of State building in downtown L.A. by 8am. You may wonder why I’m up so early or why I’m even doing this? Remember that Declaration of Value document I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, my dear, this is all part of that process. Indeed, the document has become a Declaration of Pain. Excuse my bitterness. I think I’ve lost a brain cell somewhere between 5-8am.
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