Coping During My 2nd Week of “Stay At Home” Order.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, life is pretty grim around here in Orange County, California. People are being “furlough” left to right, hiring freeze is abundant, grocery stores rarely has any food in stock and the list goes on and on. When will it stop? Nobody knows, at least until we start seeing the number of people infected start dropping then things will hopefully ease up.

For now, I’m at home working on my laptop. Work, on the contrary, is the consistent thing in my life that’s “normal”. I’m focused, busy and on track with my usual routine prior to COVID-19 crisis. I’d say I’m pretty lucky in a sense that there’s nothing out of the ordinary with my day to day routine. I’ve adapted quite well working remotely from home as I’ve been doing that on and off in the last year. The only thing different for me is keeping my distance from strangers and going to the grocery stores to find most things out of stock.

The other day I went for a run around my neighborhood and I’ve never come across people dodging each other as far away as crossing the street the minute they’re about to cross paths. It felt weird because nobody ever did that prior to the crisis. On one hand, it’s good that people are respecting the rules but, there’s also the feeling like this could become the new reality indefinitely. For me, the thought of never talking to strangers at all is weird. Let’s say I’m lost and didn’t have access to any phones. How would I get help if, nobody will want to talk to me? I know, I’m talking nonsense and don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be safe keeping my distance than be sorry; but, admitting this is our current reality of facing the unknown is an adjustment to say the least.

Despite the changes that has happened after the crisis started, I do like seeing a lot more people going out for a walk or running outside (while keeping social distancing in mind). Personally, I’m happy that I’m given this time to FaceTime with friends and family from all over the world, re-connecting through social media, taking online courses, blog, binge watch movies or shows, reading articles, organizing, purging old files and preparing to donate a few items. In retrospect, I try to keep it positive by doing the things I like to do on a daily basis, get a good sleep, eat as healthy as possible and survive.

How are you coping lately?

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The Club Fundadores in Los Cabos.

The rain followed me in Cabo because it poured the whole day. It’s a good thing that there’s a fitness center in Los Cabos that comes with a membership for those who live in the area, since I could run there for a quick gym session. 

The gym itself is a decent size and has treadmills, stair-masters, weights, and more. What won me over was this nice view overlooking a golf course and the beach. I was able to work on the threadmill with the help of the view. Also, the free wireless enabled my energetic music to flow via Spotify. I would probably spend most of my day at the gym if I had one like this every day. 

MLK 3-Day Weekend. What Are You Up To?

How’s your first month of this year going so far? It seems for me it’s been on a roller coaster ride juggling between work and trying to fit in that travel life. I’m feeling like there never seem to be enough time which is why I’m looking forward to a much needed 3-Day weekend to hopefully, slow down and relax.

Tomorrow we start off with a bang by heading down to Anaheim for a work related event. There’ll be games, food, artists and much more. If you’re in town make sure to check it out.

Following the event mayhem, we’re also going away for the weekend and heading out somewhere away from the city where it’s a bit more remote. I’ll talk about it a bit more later but, if you want to find out earlier check out my instagram stories for live updates.

Have a great weekend!

Setting the New Year with Travel Plans.

Soooo, we all made it through the holidays. I know you’re thinking, it’s 2020, a new decade, new goals, new hopes and aspirations blah blah blah. Honestly, I don’t believe in writing down my ‘new years resolution’ because I never follow them but, rather follow through what’s on my mind.

Here’s where my hunch tell me to go this year.

Singapore: It’s been said that Singapore is one of the safest, cleanest and ‘world’s fastest growing economies‘ in the world. It’s hard to pass this country with all of the interesting sights to see.

South Korea: A place that I know nothing about. Although, I’ve met and know a couple of people that have made me think twice in coming here. Some are very good friends of mine and others were acquaintances that have given me a snapshot of what the culture is like. I was intrigued.

Portugal: I’ve been doing a lot of research on Portugal and the Algarve region appealed to my California beach senses making me want to go right this minute.

France: Colmar, Strasbourg or Province are among the prettiest towns that were on my list to see while I was studying abroad a few years ago but, never got a chance to go. To this day it’s still in the back of my mind.

Other places on my mind are Prague, Vienna, Italy: Sicily and the Almafi Coast and Dubai. So many places to see and so little time. Let’s hope work will allow me to go to at least one of them this year.

The Best of 2019

This year travel wise was focused on visiting small towns in U.S.A. that I’ve never been to. It was an eye opener to see how many beautiful towns there are that I’ve yet to see in my own country. I learned that having a car will take you far. Renting a car when I visited Maryland was the best thing my mom and I could’ve done. We stayed for about 4 days and saw a new town or two every single day with a total of 6 different places not including the ones we went back to. It was my favorite trip of this year because it was something new that I’ve never done before and it was a leisure and family trip combined.

Read my East Coast trips here: Alexandria, Annapolis, Brookside Gardens, Frederick, Georgetown, and Gaithersburg.

The most unique trip I’ve done was definitely Walla Walla. It was a place that I wouldn’t normally visit (especially in the winter) but, an invitation from a friend convinced me otherwise.

My friend’s place was in the middle of the forest. I would look out the window and see snow covered trees lined from one to another. The total quietness scared me at first being a ‘city girl’ and all but, it warmed up on me after getting a good night’s rest.

Read my Walla Walla posts here and here.

The craziest adventure this year for me would have to be having a company private dinner event on top of the USS Midway Museum. It’s cray!

The coolest first time travel experience for me was flying business class. I admit I’m a rookie at this but, felt like a princess so who cares 😉

The cutest thing I’ve done on a trip was feeding these ostriches. They act aggressive though, they are adorable to look at. Wouldn’t you say?

The most random adventure I did this year was rooftop hopping in L.A. My friends and I probably went to 3 different rooftop bars in a span of two hours. Don’t ask why.

And that wraps up for the Best of 2019 for me. I hope yours was as exciting (if not more so) as mine.

Online Safety

Is there such a thing anymore? Last year, several of my social media and bank accounts were part of a company system being hacked. This resulted in compromising my information, one that I am not happy about. I’m sure many of you can relate and if not, you are one lucky person. The question at hand is how do you keep your information safe when your job requires being online 24/7?

Recently, I was online looking for remote jobs and got a response from a company stating that I had an interview with them. The recruiter, after googling, was legit. She existed, per LinkedIn profile and a company information. I was very much interested in the company so, you can imagine how excited I was for the interview.

During the interview, everything went smoothly and at the end, I was hired on the spot. There was nothing that seemed off or questionable throughout the whole process. The recruiter had requested for my basic information and I provided my ID card as it is a standard process in the U.S. when going through the on-boarding. The only part that threw me off was at the end when the recruiter said the company would pay for equipments for me to use and that they will send me a check in the next few days. In my mind, I was thinking wow, is this something new that companies are doing now or am I imaging it? I figured, what do I have to loose if they send me a check? It doesn’t mean I need to take it. Therefore, I agreed for them to send me one.

Two days later, the check arrived. I opened the Fedex mail and was stunned when I found out that the check was 6 grand. I knew right away that there was something very wrong with this picture. On top of that, the check had a name of a gentleman located in my area, mind you the company was located in another state. Right.

I confronted the recruiter/scammer and demanded a written letter from the company with a signature stating that this is, indeed, a real check and not fraud. No answer. The next day, the scammer responded that it is a legit check but, failed over and over again to provide the necessary documents I requested. I’ll spare you the details but, the conversation ended with me threatening to report them to the police. It didn’t help one bit. I suppose these scam artists are desperate for money and they will do what it takes for you to fall for their schemes. I signed off.

I was angry and frustrated, mostly angry towards myself for falling to their tricks. I decided to reach out to the recruiter on LinkedIn, which I should’ve done to begin with and asked her to confirm whether she had been the one I’ve been talking to online. She responded no. It turns out, several people have reached out to her a few times claiming that someone else is using her name to scam them. Unbelievable!

The end to the story is that I did report this to the police. I found out from them that this is a common scam story that they hear about all the time…..apparently, I’m the only one who didn’t get the memo.

How do you keep your information safe online? Any tips/suggestions?


Trick or Twat

I can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. The older I get, the more I seem to cherish my time alone. Call me old folk if, you will. In contrary, this year is different. I’ve been invited to a work related Halloween party held at Orange County Mining Co. Restaurant. Word around town, this place apparently has one of the best views in Orange County. I guess I can’t complain, free booze and food at a party with a great view, I’m all in….or so I thought. Continue reading “Trick or Twat”

Top 5 Feelings I Experienced When I Got Back from Vacation.

  1. I need another vacation.
  2. On cloud nine. I’ve been day dreaming about last week’s time spent wondering around town or the joy of drinking red wine at sunset. I’m still trying to hold on to those happy memories. When can I do that again?
  3. Sharing is caring. I found myself wanting to talk about my vacation. What I saw, the adventures I took and what happened; even though nobody really understands nor care for it. lolboat-6600
  4. Feeling Empowered. All of sudden new ideas comes to life. You start trying to make things happen in hopes of ultimately become a full-time remote employee. One day, it’ll happen OK!
  5. …And on to the next adventure. If you can’t fly far, go somewhere closer.

How to remove cactus spines.

astintabroad | joshuatree

I was walking down the beach a couple of days ago, when I stepped on a prickly thing on the ground. OUCH! I looked down to see what I had stepped on and saw a plant that had spines similar to a cactus. The damn thing hung on to the bottom of my feet and it was ridiculously painful. I pulled it off my feet right away, leaving me effing my way back to the house.

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How to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer.


For some reason I’ve never thought about how to properly wash a swimsuit. I’ve been rinsing them quickly and then drying them in the sun. Little did I know, there’s a proper process to it and it explains a lot, why some of my favorite bathing suits have lost its elasticity. Only if I had known about this before, it would’ve saved me a lot of money.
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