A Personal Defining Moments

As 2017 is coming to an end, I reflected on my year and honestly, I am glad to be moving on. I realized nothing will ever beat my 2016 when I lived abroad. It taught me everything that I know I will never learn if I never took that leap. If circumstances allow it and I was given the chance to move abroad again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go. Continue reading “A Personal Defining Moments”

My Personal Comparisons of Apartments in O.C. vs Milan.

As one who moves more than anyone can count, I’d say I know a thing or two about the ins and outs of living in an apartment. In the last year and a half, I’ve moved at least 2-4x which, I came to find out that the apartments in California vs Milan have some sliiiiight differences in them.

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Genova “Genoa” Diary – Part 1

About an hour and a half from Milan, we arrived by train in Genova on a Saturday night. A bag in one hand and the other tucked tightly inside my jacket pocket. We maneuvered through the subway station dodging people from left to right. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but, it seems the space in Genova was tighter than normal and I mean, “close” where you can hear them breathing next to you. A few times on the way to our Airbnb apartment, I lost my balance and tripped. The roads were uneven and damaged. Although, a few women still wore high heels (props to them). I’m going to be blunt. Genova is not your picture perfect city nor is it considered pretty. We also passed through prostitutes in some of the narrow streets and I wouldn’t suggest coming here alone. However, despite of the city’s imperfections, they are still active with tourists and youngsters.
Upon entering the Medieval Gates.IMG_1871IMG_1898IMG_1877
Piazza de FerrariIMG_1879
You can go in circles within Genova but, you’ll always loop back around Piazza de Ferrari.IMG_1880
Piazza de FerrariIMG_1881IMG_1882
Christopher Columbus’ homeIMG_1868IMG_1862genova2genova_pestoI had to try a pesto dish because they’re known for it and yes, it lived up to my expectations.IMG_1850IMG_1869IMG_1849
St. Lawrence Cathedral

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Visiting PISA, Italy

Pisa was part of our Sienna trip. On the way back to Milan, we made a quick stop to see the PISA. After arriving, we went up on the top of the building, walked around a bit then, left. My expectation prior to arriving was that the Pisa would be larger than I imagined. To my surprise, the area it is situated in is smaller and of course, full of tourists. However, it’s worth seeing it. Continue reading “Visiting PISA, Italy”