A Personal Defining Moments

France Selfie

As 2017 is coming to an end, I reflected on my year and honestly, I am glad to be moving on. I realized nothing will ever beat my 2016 when I lived abroad. It taught me everything that I know I will never learn if I never took that leap. If circumstances allow it and I was given the chance to move abroad again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go. Continue reading “A Personal Defining Moments”

A Golden Hour in Lecco.


Our final exam ended, Italy is on a long holiday and the sun was out. What a perfect time to explore a new city with my travel partner V. Around mid-afternoon today, V and I hopped on a train and made it in Lecco an hour and a half later. It was absolutely a beautiful day. Even though Lecco is a small town, I enjoyed the view of the lake and simply spending the day here. Nothing more and nothing less.

This lake was unbelievable. It’s much bigger than it looks in the photo.

We arrived to a sunny day with 7 degree celsius temperature. Yes, it was cold but, warmer than Milan. I never would’ve thought in the million years that I would survive a weather this cold but, here I am. Lots of families, couples and tourists wondered around the lake like us.

IMG_2830.JPGThis is further down the lake away from the city center. I caught a good glimpse of this walking path with no one around. Zing!

Then the golden hour came around. Gotta love the reddish tones in the sky.

Ok, we didn’t actually spend all day walking around the lake. We had time to shop and walk around the city center. Although, the best time for me was definitely wondering around the lake and taking in the view. Can you blame me?

Until next time…Arrivederci Lecco.

The sound of Cremona.


Known as a musical destination, Cremona hit all the right notes. My friends and I embarked our way for the day in Cremona to celebrate the end of our semester. As it turns out, the town was having their annual Fiesta Del Torrone. The streets were lined with markets selling various sumptuous nougats and musical performances with a stage set up in the middle of the square. There were youngsters singing and dancing to songs from popular shows like Grease or Dirty Dancing. It was hard not to get into the groove of it all.

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Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore

Mama Mia! It was the first thing we saw upon entering the city center of Riomaggiore. We were hungry and we just had to go for it. V & I stood in the long line and ordered the mix calamari option. Delish! We were so hungry that we had seconds. I will never forget feeling full yet, content at the same time. 

Aside from the calamari, Riomaggiore is downright cool. It’s got neat rock formations, views to die for and beautiful spots to look at. V & I took several photos.

This was my favorite area in Riomaggiore. The water looked inviting and people were relaxing all around the bend.

This was the opposite side of the water front where the flag is situated. You have to walk through the neighborhood to get to this spot. Once you walk down to this area, it’s quite steep and a bit dangerous if you aren’t careful but, the view of the village from here is unique.

The city center is a walk uphill. Be prepared to work out those glutes. From here, you get a nice overview of the village.

Don’t forget to look through the shops. There are some interesting jewelries and knick knacks to see and buy.

Cinque Terre: Manarola

cinque terre

They say Manarola is the smallest of them all. It’s true. Although, when you walk along the port through a walk-path that wraps around the ocean front rock formation, it makes Manarola actually look bigger than it appears to be. It’s the best way to see Manarola in its entirety because you get a nice picturesque view of the village from a distance. It literally made me go “wow”.  

We walked up to Nessun Dorma restaurant for a quick bite.

You really can’t beat the view from Nessun Dorma. It overlooks the port and the atmosphere is very welcoming. It made me feel as if there’s no where else I should be except here

My friend and I ended up having wine and appetizers. They were delicious! Keep in mind it’s a cash only restaurant. Either come with plenty of cash or go for small bites.  

V & I had plenty of time left. We roamed around town, walked uphill and took photos. There are a few spots that are worth snapping. I found the signs near their doors so cute with the lemon details and serif fonts.