volcano cave

Volcano Night Tour (Hawaii, The Big Island)

My last day in Hawaii was spent doing a packaged all-day Volcano Tour. Many suggested, base on research, that the Volcano Tour was one of the Big Island’s top attraction for tourists. The tour, in a nutshell, was about getting a general idea on The Big Island that eventually leads you to a live volcanic site at night. I was at the visitor center at the time flipping through several activity brochures and I learned about the tour in one of the brochures I was looking at. The more I read about it the more my curiosity grew and next thing I knew, boom, a ticket was in my hands and I was on my way to do the tour.  Continue reading “Volcano Night Tour (Hawaii, The Big Island)”

Salty Kisses at Hulihe‘e Palace (The Big Island, Hawaii)

On time and on cue, guests including myself paraded through the lawn in our floral dresses (Hey, we had to keep the Hawaiian theme going here). On the other hand, the men (I thought) looked dapper in their suits. It was another warm day in Kailua-Kona with the sunset that seemed to be present on a daily basis. I wondered how can you not get spoiled by this? Continue reading “Salty Kisses at Hulihe‘e Palace (The Big Island, Hawaii)”

Swimming in Coral Reefs (The Big Island – Hawaii)

I think I was a mermaid in another lifetime because I love swimming and I can stay in the water all day especially when it is clear and warm. Our boat called Fairwind Big Island Ocean Guides arrived mid-afternoon after our 1-hour ride in the ocean. We docked at Keauhou Bay a.k.a. Captain Cook’s Monument. Continue reading “Swimming in Coral Reefs (The Big Island – Hawaii)”

Checking In at The Royal Kona Resort. (The Big Island, Hawaii)

Aloooha! After 5 hours or so minutes, my plane finally landed in Hawaii. The fresh ocean smell was apparent as I descended from my plane. Ah, the sun, palm trees and the calm nature of Hawaii really set the mood of my entire trip. This was exactly what I was looking forward to, take a swim in the pool, sightsee and explore whatever the island has to offer. After all, it is The Big Island!  Continue reading “Checking In at The Royal Kona Resort. (The Big Island, Hawaii)”

Top 5 Challenges for Beach Wedding Destination as a Guest.

One early morning, still half asleep, I grabbed my phone to check on possible missed text messages. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things correctly but, there it was in a blue bubble w/ white texts were written words that said: “I’m getting married…..in HAWAII!” My dear cousin was finally getting married to her boyfriend of over 10 years. Under my breath, I mumbled, fantastic! A destination wedding would be my first. There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have a good time. Although, I stumbled upon the fact that I was clueless in how to prepare for such event. And so, I decided to research.

Continue reading “Top 5 Challenges for Beach Wedding Destination as a Guest.”