Je Me Souviens

When my plane finally landed in Quebec City airport, I think I may have yelped a little internally. It was definitely quite an adventure just getting here but, I made it. Half asleep and half excited, I breezed through the airport and took a taxi to my B&B hotel. Continue reading “Je Me Souviens”

A Walk Through Casa Romantica Cultural Center

As the name sounds, Casa Romantica Cultural Center is every bit a romantic place as it can get. It is an old historic home of Ole Hanson who co-founded the city of San Clemente located along the coast in Southern California. Today, you can visit the center for $5 (entrance fee) that includes a self-guided audio tour of the home. What drew me in to this place was its Spanish Colonial style architecture with courtyard entryways, arched corridors and an open terrace overlooking the pier and the Pacific Ocean.

cultural centerYep, I could definitely live here.

IMG_4657.jpgThe view on the terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the pier was unforgettable. I probably spent most of my time here taking in the overall scenery. Wouldn’t you?

IMG_4649 (1).jpg

IMG_4600.jpgInside, you’ll find various information about the family and its history. I took my time walking through its corridors and the different rooms to get to know the place a bit more. I especially loved peaking through the windows which, gave a view of the ocean.

IMG_4597 (1).jpgThe main entry way was like a center piece that pulled everything together.

cultural center (2).jpgIn the front courtyard, the hallways wrapped around with tiled floors that were just adorable.

IMG_4594.jpgIMG_4748 (2).jpgOf course, I couldn’t help but take photos. The entire viewing of the place took me about an hour and I highly suggest coming here an hour before closing time. There’s less traffic and I was pretty much by myself in the museum during those times. It helped to see the place in a better light than fighting for space with people.IMG_4729.jpgAside from the museum, the center also holds various activities such as yoga, outdoor movie nights, workshops and much more. If you’re in the area, this is worth stopping over to see.


Visiting The Gallery District

TheGalleryDistrict | astintabroad

One of my favorite things to do in San Jose Del Cabo is walking through The Gallery District in downtown. It is definitely a must see and do when someone comes to visit for the first time. The streets are lined with small shops, art galleries, cafe’s, markets, restaurants, and much more. If, that’s not enough, every Thursdays there’s an art walk event between 5-9pm. The town comes alive with locals and tourists flocking the streets. Normally, the art galleries will have new exhibitions or a chance for people to meet with the artists. What’s not to like, right?
Continue reading “Visiting The Gallery District”


Mercado Orgánico (video)

Mercado Orgánico (a.k.a. The Organic Market) market is an open air field with various vendors selling food, hand-made jewelries, bags, clothes, dog collars and just about any authentic knick knacks that you can find that are locally made. The event is definitely family friendly and is a great way to spend your Saturday mornings (think Whole Foods Markets).  Continue reading


A Personal Defining Moments

As 2017 is coming to an end, I reflected on my year and honestly, I am glad to be moving on. I realized nothing will ever beat my 2016 when I lived abroad. It taught me everything that I know I will never learn if I never took that leap. If circumstances allow it and I was given the chance to move abroad again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go. Continue reading “A Personal Defining Moments”

29 Rooms Art Installation in Downtown Los Angeles. (Video)

Art Installation

The interactive and colorful art installation called 29 Rooms from New York came to L.A. Much like the Ice Cream Museum, this exhibition was also sold out. You’ll need to get your tickets in advance and plan your schedule wisely. Continue reading “29 Rooms Art Installation in Downtown Los Angeles. (Video)”

Rewind to The Big Island Trip in Hawaii. (Video)

As this year is coming to an end, let’s not forget the best parts of 2017. What was yours? Mine was definitely my Hawaii trip to The Big Island. I miss the warm days and the fact that it was also my cousin’s biggest year to finally get married. I’ll never forget those moments. Here’s a little compilation I created dedicated to my trip to Hawaii. Enjoy! Continue reading “Rewind to The Big Island Trip in Hawaii. (Video)”


Salty Kisses at Hulihe‘e Palace (The Big Island, Hawaii)

On time and on cue, guests including myself paraded through the lawn in our floral dresses (Hey, we had to keep the Hawaiian theme going here). On the other hand, the men (I thought) looked dapper in their suits. It was another warm day in Kailua-Kona with the sunset that seemed to be present on a daily basis. I wondered how can you not get spoiled by this? Continue reading “Salty Kisses at Hulihe‘e Palace (The Big Island, Hawaii)”

Milan Design Week 2016

Word around town that there’s a huge gathering happening this week in Milan called Design Week. If you missed the memo well, you’re missing a lot! The past two days I’ve been all over the place in the city hopping from one zone to the next and back. I found the exhibitions in Via Tortona the best, thus far, as it involved a lot of interactivity between people and technology. I highly suggest heading there today. Continue reading “Milan Design Week 2016”