Mid-May Update: Entering Phase 3

It’s been a stressful month. Since my last update a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks and I mean LOTS! Like most businesses these days, the company I worked for also felt the ripple effect from the COVID-19 situation. A week ago, I started my day business as usual when I received a message from my manager saying she’s been laid-off. I was … Continue reading Mid-May Update: Entering Phase 3

oceanside california

Visiting Oceanside, CA

Another day another beach town visited. I arrived late afternoon seeking for a few hours of sunshine at a beach that’s open which I found at Oceanside, CA., a coastal city located in San Diego county. San Diego was among the first counties in California to reopen their beaches, parks, and a few businesses since the “Stay At Home” order was lifted last week. To … Continue reading Visiting Oceanside, CA

sandiego skyline

May Update: Stay at Home Order Lifted

Word around town is that today is the first day of the “Stay at Home” Order in California being lifted. We are entering Phase 2 which means a few businesses are allowed to re-open for curbside pickup such as retail. Certain guidelines are still in effect like wearing a mask when entering restaurants and social distancing. My employer also have started asking us to work … Continue reading May Update: Stay at Home Order Lifted

carlsbad village

A few hours in beachside Carlsbad, CA.

Carlsbad has been on my radar for quite some time now yet, never have I ever made it down here for many reasons until now. In just a mere of an hour (ish), I finally made it to downtown Carlsbad where I roamed the beach side to the village area fulfilling my inner Carlsbad itch. Carlsbad Village, the city’s commercial district right off the Pacific … Continue reading A few hours in beachside Carlsbad, CA.

long beach harbor

Highlights of Downtown Long Beach.

I like my walks. I take them often usually on familiar paths but, today I decided to take a different route. A stroll in downtown Long Beach took about 2 hours long where I made my way down the boardwalk, to the lighthouse, around the harbor to the Shoreline Village, a walk through the artist town and back to my car. I was pleasantly surprised … Continue reading Highlights of Downtown Long Beach.

astintabroad in paris

Mid-April Update

It’s been over a month now since we’ve been hit with the “Stay at home” order in California. I’ve lost my patience in the negativity over the news for COVID-19 and thus, have decreased my daily checking. California stands on a soft re-opening and have opened a few beaches in my area and as far as I know, critical surgeries have resumed (not cosmetic related … Continue reading Mid-April Update

selfie_losangeles | astintabroad

First Thing I Will Do After the COVID-19 Crisis Ends.

I’m sitting here letting the title of this post marinate for a little bit. I feel that we’re far from the crisis ending anytime soon but, I am hopeful. One day, when this ends and I am sure it will, I want to be ready for the things that I missed doing or took for granted before the crisis started. These are in no way … Continue reading First Thing I Will Do After the COVID-19 Crisis Ends.


Your One Stop COVID19 Resources

If you’re bored and in need of things to read amid quarantine. Here are a few articles or blogs to hopefully keep you occupied. Health Opening Up America Travel Recommendations Staycation Ideas Managing Stress Keeping Calm Social Distancing Covid-19 Hospitals Touchscreen Clean Quarantine. The Differences in Self-Isolation, Lockdown or Shelter In Place. Advice on Working at Home Sources for remote work Top Items to Disinfect … Continue reading Your One Stop COVID19 Resources