80 Degrees of Sightseeing

My 2nd day in Quebec City was oven status. It was hotter than So. Cal desert weather which, kept me heading back to my hotel room every chance I could to cool off under the a/c all throughout the day. According to the locals, I apparently came during the hottest week they’ve ever had in history. Can someone pour a bucket of ice over my head, like now?
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Je Me Souviens

Quebec City

When my plane finally landed in Quebec City airport, I think I may have yelped a little internally. It was definitely quite an adventure just getting here but, I made it. Half asleep and half excited, I breezed through the airport and took a taxi to my B&B hotel.The scene on the way to my hotel wasn’t that exciting. However, when I got closer to the city center, I started seeing red brick homes that were mostly 2 story high and the streets got narrower. I noticed there were more people on foot than driving and about 40 minutes later, the taxi finally stopped in front of my B&B. Getting out of the car was surreal. I looked around me and from the narrow sidewalks, the cafe’s with its windows open and people eating, relaxing, drinking, to seeing the buildings made me feel at home. AH, this is exactly where I needed to be.

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Stuck in Toronto, Canada.

East coast got me in a bundle. If you’ve ever tried to organize a trip to the east coast coming from California, with a stop over in Canada, on a short time frame and in the middle of summer, well, just call me crazy. As I was waiting for my flight to take off at John Wayne airport, I was daydreaming about all the fun activities that I was looking forward to on my trip to Canada. It’s been a few years now that I’ve been wanting to see Quebec City but, never quite made it there for many reasons. For those of you who don’t know this, Quebec City is known as the French speaking European province of North America and I was longing for that European vibe that I’ve been missing since I left Italy 2 years ago. Therefore, this was a trip I was very much looking forward to.

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