Thoughts on Brussels

Brussels Archetecture

Is there anyone who wasn’t effected by the Brussels tragedy? Since the event, I’ve received concerned messages from my family and friends in U.S. Continue reading “Thoughts on Brussels”

Sightseeing in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Buildings

Brussels has character. Out of all of the places I’ve visited, Brussels was the city I spent more time going to cafe’s and actually, shopping than anywhere I’ve visited in the last few months. The city has a flair for the arts scene and cozy cafe’s without being overwhelming.

The Grand Palace is without a doubt the best sight to see in Brussels. My friend and I walked around one of the alley ways from our airbnb and once we turned into this plaza, the view is breathtaking. I’ve seen this plaza many times in photos but, in real life the photos does not justify how unbelievably gorgeous this is in person.

Theatre Royal Des Galeries: We almost missed this area. Although, after standing in front of a store nearby, I saw people walking through it and knew what it was after taking a peek. Good thing I did a small research of places to see before I came to Brussels, otherwise, we would’ve missed it. It’s basically a line of different chocolate stores and cafe’s. We ended up buying some chocolates, of course 😉

Who wouldn’t come to Brussels and not try the Belgian waffles? Maison Dandoy successfully fulfilled those needs for us. I ordered the Natural Leige Waffles with nutella. They were delicious!

Mannekin Pis: There are a lot of different stories about this statue about its significance. The sight of it made me cackle.