A Golden Hour in Lecco.

Our final exam ended, Italy is on a long holiday and the sun was out. What a perfect time to explore a new city with my […]


Falling October

I’m so glad this month is over. As you know I moved in to a new apartment at the beginning of this month and […]

Milan Apartments – Part 3

I’m moving again. Yes, believe it. Saying I have the worst of luck with accommodation in Milan is an understatement. In contrary, there are upsides to […]

My Sweet Life in Portofino

Portofino caught my eye before I even came to Italy. I’ve heard about it’s crystal clear water, how they have an adorable mini cove and that its […]

The Hidden Lake

If someone told me that there’s a small island off of Sirmione Lake Garda with water access and you can swim there all day, […]

Desenzano Del Garda, Italy

Italy is full of surprises. Even though most people flock to the most popular destinations in Italy such as Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast or […]

cinque terre

Cinque Terre: Manarola

They say Manarola is the smallest of them all. It’s true. Although, when you walk along the port through a walk-path that wraps around the ocean front rock […]

Cinque Terre: Monterosso

At first, I had mixed feelings about Monterosso. We came here on our first day running through puddles with rain pouring down on us harder […]

Cinque Terre: Corniglia

You won’t pass by Corniglia without anyone mentioning about having to go up (or down) 300 steps as a one way to enter this village. Corniglia […]

Cinque Terre: Vernazza Diary

I remembered the day I stepped out of the train very clearly. I walked through the city center of Vernazza feeling relaxed. Right around a corner […]


Revisiting Genoa

I have a confession to make. I like Genoa. The first time I was here we landed in the downtown area and I immediately […]

Bologna, Italy

Bologna Photo Diary

If you asked me where to go in Italy for the day base on the trips I’ve done this month, I’d say go to Bologna. […]

Andiamo a Turino!

Travel Tuesday is going strong. A few of my classmates and I went on another adventure this week and we chose Turin as our destination. About […]

Burano, Italy

Have you heard of Burano Island? It’s a small area that can be reached from Venice known as the “lace city”. When I was […]

Venice, Italy

Magical. That’s how I felt when I arrived in Venice today. Every corner seemed to be a picturesque setting that made me want to snap photos endlessly. […]

One-Stop Brera

Last night a few of my classmates and I met up at Brera. It is one of my favorite spots in Milan and I […]

Verona, Italy Main Square

Verona, Italy

Happy Halloween! On a day like today (in the U.S.), I would normally be getting ready for my Halloween costume and getting ready for […]

Visiting PISA, Italy

Pisa was part of our Sienna trip. On the way back to Milan, we made a quick stop to see the PISA. After arriving, we […]

Lake Como

Lake Como

The best thing about being in Milan is the fact that everything is close by. We have access to the most beautiful places in […]

Duomo at Night

Milan City Center

Tonight was so perfect. It’s exactly how I pictured what my life would be like in Europe and already, I’ve met a local. He took […]

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