OUE Skyspace L.A. Day Trip

L.A. keeps getting better by the minute. With so many pop ups, galleries, museums to new restaurants and apparently, a slide built on top of the 57th floor at the OUE Skyspace L.A.; It’s really really tough to get bored out here. Yes, the view and the slide comes with a price but, I appreciate […]

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Wild & Free in Venice Beach, California.

Yesterday, I drove early in the morning to L.A., trying to by pass the rush hour traffic. The sun was already bright and shining; providing a moderate temperature of 75 degrees F by 9:30am. Ah, you gotta love Southern California weather, you can map out your day with no problem and you’re almost guaranteed to […]

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Passing Through L.A.

los angeles | astintabroad

Last weekend I joined my mom in L.A. for a day. She had reserved a hotel room at the Renaissance Hotel for 1 night as she had an early flight the next day to Maryland. Coincidentally, it was also the same trip that I was supposed to go on but, sadly I declined for work-related […]

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selfie_losangeles | astintabroad

Well, guys, it’s finally a new year. I’m sure many of you are thinking about your goals and resolution for 2018. I’ve thought about mine and came up in focusing more on finding a well-balanced lifestyle. It sounds so simple but, in reality, it is quite difficult to do.

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29 Rooms Art Installation in Downtown Los Angeles. (Video)

Art Installation

The interactive and colorful art installation called 29 Rooms from New York came to L.A. Much like the Ice Cream Museum, this exhibition was also sold out. You’ll need to get your tickets in advance and plan your schedule wisely.

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til death do us part

Last weekend, my mind slightly changed a little bit about weddings. Normally, I’m one to avoid it due to price and social awkwardness (i.e. questions like ‘why are you still single?’). However, seeing Trish and her husband celebrate their wedding truly showed me what pure love is all about. 

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